Stare Down the Beast

Change is hard. That’s why most people don’t do it.

I’ve asked the same question in front of millions of people in countries around the world:

If I could guarantee you all the money in the world, OR you could have endless happiness, fulfillment and peace; but not both, which would you take?

What would your answer be?

Without exception, about 95% of the room raises their hand for the latter versus the former.

Your deepest desire is NOT more money and things.
Your deepest desire is authentic happiness, fulfillment and peace.
What you truly want is right at your fingertips, will you seize it?

When we’re completely honest with ourselves, we know the answer.

In this last factor of the strategies to survive and thrive this Mach 10 Disruptive Market, we’re exploring the final quality we all must develop.

Consequently, since so few have this quality, particularly in the Western influenced world, this is becoming, and will continue to become, one of the hottest market opportunities on the planet.

But please remember, you can’t give what you don’t have.

One of the hottest market opportunities,
now and moving into the future,
is the ability to help yourself and others have
authentic happiness and fulfillment while
smack dab in the middle of chaos.

Recognition is the first Law of learning and transformation.

Until you recognize and admit that your approach isn’t working, you’ll continue to do the same old things expecting to get different results.

Not smart.

In fact, frankly quite stupid.

Recognition is the first Law of Learning and Transformation.
Unless and until you recognize that something needs
changing you’ll never be empowered and enabled to change it.

Look, it’s not your fault.

But it is your responsibility.

You have not been programmed and conditioned to effectively live an authentic life. Which is the only way to be authentically happy.

As we’ve discussed, authentic happiness has nothing whatsoever to do with the temporary dopamine spike that the masses call happiness.

Authentic happiness, grounded in fulfillment, is sustainable.

How To Be Productive, Happy and Fulfilled

Yes, even in the middle of complete chaos.

Life is a gift. Even a difficult,
challenging, and scary day is a gift.
It sure beats the hell out of the alternative.

I remember sitting in solitary confinement.

I sat on a concrete slab that they called a bed. In a 12X10 cell that smelled like piss and excrement. No conversation. No pen and paper. No books. No music. No television. Nothing but me and my own thoughts.

I’ve always been my own best friend.
Most people can’t even stand their own company.
If you can’t spend time alone, you don’t like yourself very much.
If you don’t enjoy your own company,
how can you expect anyone else to enjoy your company.

I was in the depths of despair. Feeling sorry for myself. Blaming God (actually cursing God). Blaming the government; and frankly just being a full-on victim.

Then the voice of reason spoke in my head.

I won’t give you the entire conversation for sake of time and space. But the overview went like this.

James. The medical evidence stated that toxins (pesticides) caused the death in the lodge, right? Right. And three of your clients and friends died, right? Yes. It broke my heart. And several of your clients got sick and went to the hospital, right? Yes, yes, I get your point, and? Weren’t you in that lodge for 12 rounds? Yes. Did you get sick? No. Aren’t you alive here today even though it’s in a shithole? Okay, yeah.

So, would you rather be dead or be here?

Something switched inside.

When you face your own mortality, honestly, squarely, and stare it straight in the eye, you realize that every day, even the days that are ugly, are a gift; and vastly more beautiful than the alternative.

The key to living fully and completely is to face your own mortality
and stare it straight in the eye. That’s when you realize that even
the difficult and ugly days are STILL a gift.
And they are vastly better than the other option.

So, the first step in living fully and completely…

The next step in being fulfilled and authentically happy…

Is what the Toltec tradition calls “Awareness of impending death.”

There’s not one single power in the universe
that can guarantee you’ll even wake up tomorrow.
Face it! Better make the best of it.

It all must begin with a change of mind and heart.

More to come.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose. And Take Your Power Back!