Special Edition Triple Espresso: Competition or Creation?

The only competition you’ll ever have,
is the competition between your disciplined
and your undisciplined mind.

I always have a problem when marketers, publishers, or anyone else for that matter, ask me “Who’s your competition?”
I just don’t think in those terms.

I understand what they’re getting at, but a better question would be “Who’s your target market?”

If you don’t clearly know what your target is,
the chance of hitting the bullseye is zero.

You see when you’re your own unique self, doing things in your own way, you really don’t have any competition. Not really.

True winner and leaders
don’t compete, they create!
Big difference.

There may be many in my common market (that’s debatable as well, at least to me), but there’s NO ONE who does it like I do. If you’re reading me frequently, following my live-cast, or utilizing my videos and audios, I trust you’ll agree.

That doesn’t make me better, not at all. It just makes me unique.

Not one of us is “better” than anyone else.
We’ve all been given unique gifts by our creator.
Some are just better at using them than others.

When you’re being your own unique and authentic self, you literally have no competition except for yourself.

The only true measure you should have is the measure against your own previous personal best.

When you’re knocking off someone or something else, your world is full of competitors.

If you attempt to copy you become
a carbon-copy cliché at best.
There’s only one you.
Get YOU down and master it fully.

Once again, when you get this right, the ONLY competition you’ll ever have is the competition between your disciplined and your undisciplined mind.

Here's more information about Creation or Competition. You can read it here.

The discipline to do what you need to do even when you don’t feel like it.

Even when you doubt yourself and your abilities (you will).

Discipline always precedes dominion.

The discipline of Self-Awareness (first and foremost)…

The discipline of breaking through your own resistance…

The discipline to keep the faith…

The discipline to conquer versus quit…

The discipline to get in the arena every single day and give your all…

The discipline to get back up and get on with it…

The discipline to fight your own battle each and every day…

The discipline to stand up and rise up against great odds…

The discipline to hold the vision when all hope appears lost…

The discipline to let go of your weak and comfortable existence for a Warriors life…

And the discipline continues.

For discipline ALWAYS precedes dominion.

Commit that to memory.

And it begins NOW.

Tick tock.

You either have a disciplined and masterful life;
or an undisciplined and mediocre life.
Choose wisely.

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic!