The definition of willpower is
the ability to give yourself a command;
and then follow it.

Self-Command is a critical component of leadership both personally and professionally. It’s also critical to recognize that until there’s sufficient amount of self-awareness, there will be no self-command.

Self-Command, also known as willpower, is unfortunately very lacking in most individuals. Both self-awareness and self-command are intimately intertwined.

Until you have a high degree of self-awareness
you’ll never have a high degree of self-command.
Also known as willpower.

Think about this: how can you take command over something of which you’re not aware?

This is why I submit that job #1 of the Leader for the Future is self-awareness. All else pales by comparison.

How can you have command over yourself
when you don’t even know who that self really is?
You can’t. Self-awareness is job #1 of the true leader.
All else is just dancing in the dark.

So let’s come from the assumption today that you are one of a VERY rare breed; and you have a considerable amount of self-awareness.

You know your own strengths, you don’t waste your time chasing things that you have no business or ability to chase, you think your own thoughts regardless of the opinion of the masses; and you set your own goals—you KNOW for a fact that they’re yours and not just something you’ve been programmed to hold in high regard.

Tall order right?

The leader who has full self-awareness
thinks his own thoughts, sets his own goals, and lives his own life
Irrespective of whether society deems him successful or not.

When at least some semblance of this awareness is achieved, you’ve teed yourself up to have the self-command necessary to live your own life fully and completely.

Research proves that even the most willful of us are operating on a finite amount of resources. In other words, willpower is limited even in the best of us.

There’s a psychological phenomenon running rampant in our world called Decision Fatigue; and this fatigue is directly related to the realization that willpower is finite.

When you have to make too many decisions
Psychological science proves you make poor decisions.

According to research, the vast majority spend 18% of their entire life showering, shaving, fixing their hair, deciding what to wear, what to eat and eating. What’s the ROI on that 18%!?

Furthermore they spend 50% of their day in distraction!

Simplification leads to maximization.

Simplification is the reason that if you watch my video’s you’ll notice I always wear a black vee neck tee shirt.

I actually have about 35 of them.

When I speak at a conference, it’s either a black or blue suit with a white or blue shirt.


I do everything within my power to minimize mundane decisions allowing me to maximize the critical and high-leveraged decisions.

In addition to simplification, developing the ability to say “no” is powerful and empowering.

When asked to participate in something that’s not
moving me in the direction of my purpose,
my answer is “no thank you.”
If it’s not moving you toward
your own greatness, then stop
wasting your time doing it.

Some people have a really hard time saying no; and these same people are the ones who most often fall short of their own personal and business goals.

They’re too busy doing what other people want. Versus accomplishing high-leveraged things that they want.

Self-awareness gives you the ability to say no.

The greatest pain one can experience,
is the pain of regret. I could have done something great,
but I didn’t have the courage and discipline to go after it.
Let this not be you.

When you know who you are…

And you clearly know where you’re going…

Then you can and must develop the discipline and willpower to go after it.

Focused like a laser beam.

Learn how to Focused Like a Laser here.

No matter how long; and no matter what.

This is true leadership.

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic!