Know thyself;
And you shall possess the keys
to the universe; and the secrets of the gods.
~ Esoteric Axiom

Years of experience prove that the vast majority of individuals in the world today have an extremely low level of self-awareness.

While this awareness is vital to successfully, start a business, grow a business, and lead a business, as well as lead a fulfilling life, it’s virtually non-existent.

It’s not your fault.

But it IS your responsibility.

Remember we discussed previously that true Leaders take Absolute Responsibility for their own circumstances and life.

The education system is failing us.
We’ve made quantum leaps in technology and economy,
But our school systems are basically teaching the way
they were teaching in the Agrarian Age.

The fact, is that you’re not encourage by your school system or society to find your authentic self. To become aware of who you are. To know your unique gifts and genius and fulfill your own purpose.

You’re encouraged to assimilate.

You’re encouraged to read, remember and repeat.

You’re encouraged to follow the market and the masses.

If you’re not good at math, the teacher tells you to study more math and work harder.

I suggest that if you’re not good at math, you ditch math. Play your strength, play your A game, and put everything you have into it. Leverage your unique gifts and genius.

If you don’t have the opportunity
to be absolutely great at something
don’t waste your precious time doing it.

Don’t follow the market or the money like you’ve been conditioned to do. That’s all in your head. So what do you follow?

You must equally follow your head, heart and your gut.

Your head is where information resides, your heart holds emotions and love, your gut brain houses intuition. Any three alone are insufficient.

Contrary to popular belief information is NOT power.
Information is nothing but potential power until put into bold action.

In—form—ation keeps you stuck “in form.” Herein lies a major problem for leading both our lives and business. Form alone has no spirit, heart or soul. So following your head alone leads to sterility, burn out and lack of fulfillment.

So what about heart? Following your love and emotions puts you on an endless rollercoaster ride. You end up living like a wild boar on steroids.

Many people “follow their heart and love” right into a marriage that soon ends in divorce.

Many espouse to do what you love.
The truth is you don’t even know what you love
until you clearly know who you are.
Self-awareness must come first.

You can’t know what you truly love unless and until you first know who you truly are.

This might help you answer the question "Do You Know Who You Are and Why?".

Then there’s your core or gut brain. Your core (gut) houses your intuition and inspiration. This is where the process begins, but inspiration alone without emotion (energy in motion), and head (strategy, vision and direction), is just a total waste of space.

Form without spirit has no energy or vitality.
Spirit without form has no function. Both are vital.

Like I’ve taught for over a decade, to lead your own life successfully, and achieve what you desire and deserve, you must access all three simultaneously and equally. Any less than 3 for 3 will limit your results.

To achieve what you desire and deserve
in life and business, you must go 3 for 3.
Your thoughts, feelings and actions
all must be firing in alignment.

There are three aspects of self-awareness which must be present:

  1. Self-Image (head):

This is our thoughts about who we are and what we’re capable of doing. This is also the most difficult. To see things clearly we must disconnect from our conditioning. No easy task.

2. Self-Esteem (heart):

These are the feelings and emotions we have about ourselves, others and life. While this seems simple, it’s far from easy. Dan Goleman’s work proves that Emotional Intelligence is twice as likely to predict business success than cognitive intelligence.

3. Self-Confidence (gut):

This is the courage to act; and act boldly. You can think great thoughts and feel good feelings all day long but until you put them into bold action they’re a total waste of time and space.

The Leader for the Future realizes that Self-Awareness is job #1.

How really Self-Aware are you?

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic!