Renaissance Leadership: Overview

Renaissance Leadership: Overview

The future of leadership in both life and business is the synthesis
of timeless truths with modern scientific findings;
and applying them in a practical way.

This entry begins a new series on Renaissance Leadership.

In the following weeks we’ll cover the qualities needed for a renaissance, renewal, rebirth, and resurrection of art and beauty that has been nearly lost in the modern economic world.

But more importantly how to bring that art and beauty into the world of economics. To merge and marry the two, so that we become whole and fully human as we were born to be.

Unless and until we bring heart and love and beauty into our world
of business and economics, we will never be whole or fully human.

I’m calling on all true Leaders to bring this into fruition.

Why are we so often compelled by the beauty and magnificence of Ancient Egypt, Art, Classical Music and Dance, and European Architecture?

How is it that there is slim to no value any longer for philosophy in our modern world?

Our ancestors were compelled by the arts, beauty AND the sciences of life. Currently we are mostly compelled by economics. Sometimes science. But economics trumps all else by far.

Our objective is not to digress into the ignorance of the past. Our objective is to incorporate the wisdom of the past, and marry it with the technology and science of the modern era.

Our objective is not to regress to the past. Rather to incorporate
the wisdom of the past and marry it with the technology
and science of the modern era.

This is the new Renaissance Leader. The leader compelled by something more than ROI alone.

We are not naturally wired for traditional ROI.
We’re naturally wired for Return on Influence and Impact.

The Renaissance Leader is driven by a hunger to impact the world in a positive way…

To bring art, love, purpose and beauty to the world in whatever form and fashion his genius can derive.

He is driven by a hunger to give him or herself to a cause and calling far beyond creature comforts…

Your job is to be continuously uncomfortable. Click here to read more about it.

Driven by a hunger to live a legendary life and to leave a lasting legacy.

When you make an impact on the lives of others, you join the
halls of the immortals. Your legend continues through them.

While the following 6 qualities are not intended to be comprehensive and complete, these are 6 qualities I suggest we need to develop and strengthen to begin a journey of Renaissance Leadership. We will discuss them all in detail in the editions that follow:

  1. Curiosity
  2. Risk-Taking
  3. Creativity
  4. Grit and Self-Command
  5. A Hunger for Knowledge and New Experiences in all fields of life.
  6. Excellence in Philosophy, Psychology, Physiology, Community and Strategy with a deep mastery of at least one of these areas.

This is a tall order I know.

That’s why most will never do it.

If mastery were easy, then everyone would be masterful. It’s not supposed to be easy.

If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery,
it wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all.
~ Michelangelo


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