Renaissance Leadership: #5 Leaders Are Hungry

Renaissance Leadership: #5 Leaders Are Hungry

A lack of knowledge creates fear.
Seeking knowledge creates courage.

~ George Bernard Shaw

Authentic Leaders brains treat a hunger for knowledge like the body treats hunger for food.

For a true leader, knowledge is paramount; and all leaders are continuous students.

Authentic Leaders brains treat a hunger for knowledge
like the body treats hunger for food.

We’ve addressed in previous blogs that the Renaissance Leader is a voracious student of all studies: Biology, Psychology, Spirituality, Physiology, Philosophy and Physics as well as Business.

Anything less is a partial view of the world.

The Renaissance Leader studies all fields: Biology, Psychology, Spirituality,
Physiology, Philosophy, and Physics as well as Business.
Anything less is a partial and incomplete view of the world.

The old model of life told us that we had our learning years followed by our earning years.

To thrive in today’s world, in fact just to survive, we must have our learning years, followed by more learning years, followed by still more learning years ad infinitum. 

Leaders are continuous learners; and it’s an important distinction to realize that learning is NOT just study. Study is good, but true learning only comes from continuous application and action.

Study is good. But study without continuous application and action does
NOT equal learning. It’s a complete waste of time and space.
True learning comes from doing.

I was coaching someone recently who stated, “James everything with you is work.” 

Yes, whether we like it or not, leadership is work. 

Business is work. 

Relationships are work.

Health is work.

Growth is work.

It’s all work; and if you’re not willing to do the work on yourself, on your relationship, on your business, on your awareness, on your skills and abilities, you will fail in today’s world. 

No exception.

If you think that the public figure millionaires and billionaires are not working—and working continuously hard—you need to think again.

Contrary to what you’ve been sold, there is never an arrival point at which time you can kick back and coast.

You must continue to learn and grow.

Knowledge is currently doubling every 13 months; and according to a recent IBM study will soon be doubling every 12 days. 

As an Authentic Leader, you’ve got work to do.

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The greatest knowledge you can possess is to know you really know nothing.
The greatest enemy of knowledge is the illusion you have knowledge.

When you become as hungry for knowledge as you are for oxygen, then you’ll have it.

To this end, you must have a coach. Reading books is good. But that’s just information. Information is not knowledge.

Again, knowledge comes from doing; and the fact is that you are so immersed in your own nonsense that you can’t even see your own nonsense.

We all need an objective perspective. No exception.

Alexander the Great has Aristotle. Leonardo da Vinci had Andrea del Verrocchio. Steve Jobs had Bill Campbell and Zuckerberg had Jobs.

When you choose to be a real leader—really choose—then you’ll do whatever it takes.

There’s a burning hunger in your gut that cannot and will not be ignored.

Do you have it?

Are you ready?

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!


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