Renaissance Leadership: #3 Renaissance Leaders Think and Create

Renaissance Leadership: #3 Renaissance Leaders Think and Create

Imagination is more important than memory.
~ Albert Einstein

Most people don’t think.

Not really.

Most people think they think but what passes for thinking is nothing more than a flimsy robotic re-running of past conditioning.

Everything you THINK you “know” is nothing more than information
from the past. You know NOTHING in the present or the future.
What you “know” is just memory and non-original. Nothing more.

True thinking is instantaneous.

True thinking is original and creative.

True thinking does not come from socialized mind or past programming and conditioning.

True thinking comes from the Creative Center of the ALL MIND.

Now I know this sounds mystical; and to some degree it is. Yet it’s extremely practical as well.

Intuition is listening to the soul.

Your intuition is your connection to an intelligence that’s far beyond anything your conscious mind or intellect can ever hope to aspire.

As you begin to truly think, you become more creative and less competitive.

You are a creative being. There can be no Creator without a creation. Click here to learn more.

Leaders and ultimate performers don’t compete.
They create.

You become less fearful and more certain.

Look, one idea has made me and countless others multiple millions of dollars.

So, consider this: how many ideas is it possible for you to generate?

I think you realize that ideas are unlimited and infinite.

Just one unique and creative idea can generate millions, possibly billions
of dollars. How many ideas are you capable of generating?
There is no lack in the creative mind.

To compete is not creating. It’s comparing.

To compete is to copy, or at best attempt to potentially improve upon other people’s best attempts.

This approach is not creative, nor is comparing and competing real leadership.

No one ever asked Steve Jobs for an iPad or iPhone…

Nobody ever asked Jeff Bezos for an online bookstore that would eventually expand into one of the greatest retailers in the world…

No one ever asked Mark Zuckerberg for an online photo album that would eventually consume nearly 50% of the average persons’ day.

Again, true thinking is instantaneous, creative and original. Not the endless re-running and rumination of past programming that weakly attempts to substitute for thinking.

So, what are you doing?

Thinking or ruminating?

Creating or competing?

Maybe it’s time to break free and Truly Lead your own life.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!

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