When you want it as badly as you want oxygen, then you shall have it.

There are so many people in today’s world looking for answers.

Yet they’re looking for an outside source to provide it to them, or for them.

There’s no such source.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s wise to have a mentor and coach. 

Actually, all great masters throughout time have had a teacher, mentor or coach.

If you’re not willing to invest considerable time and money
in a teacher or coach, not someone with a certificate,
but someone with experience, 
you’re feeling your way along in the dark. 
You may get there; and it’ll take at least three times as long.

Now while this may seem self-serving as a teacher and coach myself, I can assure you it’s not.

A brief check of all the greats will quickly prove this true:

  • Albert Einstein had Max Talmey
  • Alexander the Great had Aristotle
  • Leonardo da Vinci had Andrea del Verrocchio
  • Michelangelo had Domenico Ghirlandaio
  • Steven Jobs had Bill Campbell 
  • Michael Jordan had Dean Smith

And the list goes on.

But that should just be a reminder if you read me frequently; and it’s not the real purpose of today’s discussion.

The purpose is to discuss what you must do in addition to finding your coach and mentor. 

For this, let’s go to one of my heroes, Leonardo da Vinci. 

Da Vinci only slept 2 hours per night. 

He said there were “just too many things to get done.” And that tells you a lot about what we’re discussing.

The fact, is that most highly successful and productive people get much less sleep than most.

Never let it be said of you that you slept your way through life.
The fact, is that most who change the world get less sleep than the masses. 
They just have way too much life to live and things to accomplish!

Leonardo’s mantra, one I’ve adopted as my own: Ostinato Rigore.

Loosely translated from Italian to mean: Stubborn, relentless practice. Tenacious work.

My mantra, adopted from one of my heroes Leonardo da Vinci:
Ostinato Rigore. Translated as stubborn, relentless practice.
Tenacious work.
That’s what it takes; and let no one convince you otherwise.

Tenacity and relentlessness are what it takes.


Even if it means missing sleep, Netflix, weekend outings, vacations, golf, Super Bowl, NBA Playoffs, or any other time waster that doesn’t take you one step closer to your purpose.

If your Netflix watch list is longer
than your list of intentions and goals,
you’re in trouble; and you’re selling
your potential and your soul.


When Michelangelo was carving David, he lived in a dusty studio with a small bed and his 14 foot tall block of marble. 

Just him and his David to be.

For over two full years, young Michelangelo rarely left this dark and dusty room. 

He rarely even stopped to eat.

He slept for only a couple hours per night, leaving his boots and clothes on, so that when he woke up he could get up and about his work.

He carved the greatest sculpture in history; and left David amongst his legacy.

If you knew how hard I worked to obtain my mastery, 
it wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all.
~ Michelangelo

You don’t want to play at this level?

That’s okay.

Most don’t.

I’m never here to tell you what you “should” do. I’m only here to tell you the truth of what you must be willing to do to become great.

Becoming masterful and great is not easy.
It’s not supposed to be easy. If it were easy then everyone
would do it and no one would be great.

Like David, the things that are most valuable in life are the things that are scarce and rare. 

Remember, a diamond is only a lump of coal that withstood a lot of pressure. Most don’t make it. 

They crumble.

A diamond was once an ordinary lump
of coal that withstood a lot of pressure.
Most don’t make it. They crumble.
Let that not be you.

Be relentless.

Find your genius and purpose; and then give every single thing you have.

Every moment, every breath, every ounce of energy from this day to your last.

Let it not be said of you that you slept your way, TV’d your way, football and margarita’d your way, or vacationed your way through life.

Let it not be said of you that you slept your way,
TV’d your way, football and margarita’d your way,
or vacationed your way through life.

Leave a lasting legacy and impact on the world.

The world needs you right now.

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic!