Redemptive Leaders Redefine Success

Redemptive Leaders Redefine Success

Success without fulfillment
is not success at all.

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How do you define success?

I was conducting a coaching session recently, and one of my clients told me that many of his friends were “not successful.”

I immediately asked him, “How do you define success?”

His response was the typical Western response regarding money and materialism.

He said nothing at all about Mastery, Happiness, or Purpose.

Yet I know and work with many people who are monetarily and materially successful, and they’re not happy; and they have no purpose in life other than thinking that more of the same will somehow make them happy.

I promise, it won’t.

We’re all prisoners of a machine that has
conditioned us to forget what’s really
important in life.
When would NOW be the time to break free?

breaking free from chains

I submit we MUST change the conversation.

Because success without fulfillment is NOT success at all.

Learn some tips to a complete and full-filling life.

We must move the conversation and the focus FROM MONEY to meaning, mastery, happiness and fulfillment.

Look, we’ve focused on money and economics for decades and where has it gotten us?

Wall Street is healthy. GDP is up. Unemployment is down. Yet 16.2 million American’s are depressed and lonely; and 72% are miserable in their work. What’s wrong with this picture.
It’s time to shift our focus and our values.

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Let that sink in; and consider this:

    •  115 people die every single day from pain killer overdose. This phenomenon is creating more deaths PER YEAR than all the deaths from Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq COMBINED!
    •  According to the World Health Organization ONE MILLION PEOPLE PER DAY commit suicide. That’s one person every 40 seconds. This number has INCREASED nearly 25% since 1999.
    •  According to Healthline, 16.2MM people in the US alone are depressed. The biggest CAUSE of depression? MEANINGLESS WORK and Loneliness.

  •  Gallup tells us that 72% of people are unhappy, unfulfilled and disengaged from their daily work…
  •  America currently registers as the LONELIEST nation in recorded history…
  •  People surveyed in America were asked, “How many friends do you have that you can call and count on when you’re in a crisis?” Most answered, “None.”
  •  “How many close friends do you have that REALLY KNOW you well?” 50% responded: “NONE.”
  •  in 2018 the US life expectancy DECLINED for the second year in a row!

We’re LITERALLY killing ourselves for money and economics!

Is this success? Even though jobs are up, the GDP is up. Wall Street is healthy, and other economic indicators are strong?

I think the answer is BLATANTLY OBVIOUS, if you’re awake enough, and courageous enough, to be completely honest with yourself.

Most obviously aren’t.

in 2018 the US life expectancy DECLINED for the
second year in a row! We’re LITERALLY killing
ourselves for money and economics!
Is this success?

man begging for money

We need Leaders. Redemptive Leaders: Leaders who “act to save us from error or evil.”

Redemptive: to act to save us from error and evil.
We need Redemptive Leaders® in this world.

James Arthur Ray

THIS is our ONLY Redemption.

Will you Lead?

It MUST BEGIN with YOU. You can’t give what you don’t have.

It takes courage.

And It takes work.

It takes commitment and awareness.

It’s worth it.

The world is waiting.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!



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