Purpose, Leadership and Life

Purpose, Leadership and Life

In its ultimate essence, energy may be incomprehensible by us
except as an exhibition of the direct operation of that which we call Mind or Will.
~ John Ambrose Fleming (electrical engineer and physicist, address to the Royal Institution)

Okay we’ve been exploring 8 Axioms of the Leader Master-Mind; and its impact on both your Life and Business.

Entrepreneurship is a spiritual adventure.
Spirit has one objective: fuller expansion,
experience and expression. Increase and Growth.

One of the most common questions asked around the globe is: “James, what is the purpose of life?”

There are two levels of purpose:

  1. Spiritual purpose; and
  2. Individual purpose.

The spiritual purpose, for every single one of us, is the same. As stated above, it’s to increase and grow.

Our individual purpose is lived by utilizing the unique gifts we’ve been given (which means you need to know them first), to develop mastery and provide value.

In embracing and understanding your individual purpose, you most powerfully actualize your spiritual purpose; and thereby increase and grow.

Let’s face it, you’ve never been encouraged to find your individual purpose and gifts.

Our traditional school and systems have failed us.
Conditioning and encouraging us to follow the jobs, the market and the money.
We’ve lost our purpose and fulfillment. Time to take it back!

You’ve been encouraged to read, remember and repeat. Follow the market and the money. So, the first step in actualizing your true Power and Leadership ability is to break the chains of conditioning. This is no easy task.

But it’s worth it.

It’s possible that the gifts you’ve been given are not that highly valued or considered to be that sexy in today’s world.

So be it.

The Leader realizes that what’s truly valuable is to develop a level of greatness and mastery; and thereby have a positive impact on the world.

Mastery Hack

In this way, and in this way only, do we truly LIVE!

You were born into greatness,
but you’ve been conditioned into mediocrity.

woman facing a shark

And this brings us to our next axiom:

Every thought creates the pathway for another thought. Everything you learn creates the drive for more learning. Every talent or skill mastered creates the drive for more skills and mastery. Life MUST create more life!

Life must create more life.
It cannot operate contrary to its nature.

To live and operate in alignment with the Will of God, Universal Intelligence, the Higher Conscious Mind, Higher Self, the Master-Mind, you must focus on increase. Both for yourself as well as for everyone you’re blessed to serve.

Because as discussed in previous installments and axioms, if there’s one thing we want, it’s “more.”

More life.

More impact.

More freedom.

More joy.

More fulfillment; and ultimately

More awareness.

The principle of Life is Life.

Life creates more life; and it cannot be contrary to its nature.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!