Prometheus Academy of Leaders and Legends

Prometheus Academy of Leaders and Legends

Over two decades ago, while running a $10M Inc. 500 company, a plain brown envelope came across my office desk. It was addressed to me with no return address.


When I opened it, there was a single piece of paper inside that read:

Nothing more. I’m curious, what would you do?

Well, I probably did the same.

Even though I was successful in business, I had always felt this compelling pull toward all things spiritual, esoteric, and mystical.

So, I couldn’t get a browser up quickly enough.

This set me on the road to over two decades of study that took me to the South Pacific, to the Amazon Jungle, to Machu Picchu.

I scaled the highest peak in Peru, Salcantay (17,000 feet).
I crawled through more temples and tombs in Egypt than I can count.

And I was allowed to meditate all alone between the paws of the Great Sphinx, even granted full access to the entire Great Pyramid, on my own for a full 3 hours; and much more.

All in pursuit of the keys and secrets to the universe.

Let me promise you this: We’ve been sold the greatest of lies. 

There’s so much more to this universe than you can ever imagine. Even the most brilliant minds in history now agree. 

Nobel Prize winning father of quantum physics. Max Planck said:

“Matter does not exist as we know it. All matter originates and exists by virtue of a force. We must assume behind this force to be a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”

Quantum physics is the mysticism of the 21st century.

If you have ever:

  • found yourself working harder and longer each year just to keep up
    too exhausted to perform your daily work, like 43% of people surveyed
  • found yourself constantly peddling just to tread water—hoping and praying for your next vacation or weekend
  • achieved many of your goals and dreams, but still felt a compelling pull to something greater
  • opened your eyes and thought, “there must be more, there must be a better way”
  • searched for a relationship with God, or a Higher Power, but found the old traditions to be outdated and incomplete

Then, like other powerful leaders of our time, you feel the pull to something greater within you and within our society.

Step into your calling. 
Become the legend your soul knows you to be.

When you do, you will: 

  • Tap into the power of your own mind to overcome every challenge that arises in your life 
  • Learn how to effectively communicate your needs to your partner and others in your life so that you are able to get your needs fulfilled and not be taken advantage of
  • Exercise your own physical and mental strength to do things you never thought possible
  • Excel in your chosen career or start your own business
  • Live an extraordinary life that fills every part of your soul

Because it is your right to know the fire that burns deep inside you And it is your responsibility to bring it to the world.

Welcome to the Prometheus Academy of Leaders and Legends

This unique life-changing mentorship is your opportunity to learn the true secrets of the universe, directly from me and my wife and partner, Bersabeh.

Through this work, you’ll become equipped to slice through the noise of the world as we know it

To tap into unspoken powers that have lain dormant in you until now. 

To live your life, on fire.

But be prepared to do the work; and to do it up close and personal with us. 

There will be assignments you must complete.

There will be a reading list across a diverse number of topics such as: Philosophy, Psychology, Astronomy, Astrology, Kabbala, Biology, Quantum Physics, Mystery School Teachings, Esoteric thought, Shamanism and more.

All coupled with the latest cutting-edge science to prove the things that traditional Western science and religion have spent years trying to squelch.

This is a 3-year program that requires at least a one-year commitment up front. After the first year, you can decide if you wish to continue your journey to greatness.

It’s not for everyone and it’s a commitment of time, energy and yes, money, that will reap rewards beyond anything you’ve done to this point in your life.

Who am I to guide you to become the leader and the legend you were born to be?

For decades, I’ve taught practical skills, tools, psychology, philosophy and business strategy.

And as a C-Suite Consultant at AT&T, I still poured through spiritual and mystical works at night because I knew there was more.

During the course of my career, I’ve helped individuals become New York Times bestselling authors. 

Professional athletes have worked with me and gone on to become inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame. 

I’ve helped more people become millionaires and multi-millionaires than I can count. And I’ve helped people find their dream mates and so much more.

While all these things are powerful and parts of life, what I’m now compelled to do is to move beyond the physical world and start sharing some of the great mysteries of this universe. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. As much as I love and appreciate the material, there’s more to life than money and bills and cars and houses. 

Life is so much more fulfilling, fun and effective when you come from a higher awareness and understanding…and have the things you enjoy at the same time.

Many of the great teachings we once had available to us have long been lost or forgotten, squelched, purposefully sequestered, or kept hidden from all but a select few.

The Prometheus Academy of Leaders and Legends aims to bring them back for the enhancement of our lives, as well as those of the society we live in.

Join Me On the Journey to Becoming

I’ve personally invested over 295,000 hours and multiple millions of dollars to learn what I’ve learned and experience what I’ve experienced.

Now I want to pass on what I have learned and lived so that you, too, can experience this life on another level.

If this speaks to you, then schedule a call and we’ll see if The Prometheus Academy is right for you and you for it.

Find out about this powerful community by scheduling a call with us now.