One Thing All Successful Entrepreneurs Have in Common

There’s no limit to the vast capability of the human body and mind.

And there’s no shortage of ideas.

We began this series by exploring the concept of true wealth. What I’ve coined as Harmonic Wealth©.

So, I was contemplating the subject of abundance this morning in the early hours before dawn. I love getting up while it’s still dark outside. The house is quiet and the world is still.

Silence is abundant.

Some spiritual traditions state that the hours between 4AM and 6AM are “God’s time.” Actually it’s all God’s time of course, but if I had to speculate why many traditions believe the early hours sacred and special, it must be related to the silence that exists during this time.

Rarely are the birds even stirring at 4AM.

For as many years as I can remember I’ve been a 4AM guy. While initially it seemed more ungodly than Godly I’ve grown very fond of this practice.

Beyond spiritual traditions… even in research of the wealthiest individuals in the world, it’s empirically proven that a major percentage of these individuals get up at least 3 hours prior to the time they start work. (reference Habits of the Worlds’ Most Wealthy)

“I love getting up early, I just get so much more accomplished.”

~ Richard Branson

Check out the early hours for yourself if you haven’t. You might surprise yourself as to how productive your day will be.

Speaking of productivity… let’s get back to abundance.

I’ll begin by saying, if you’re one of my readers from the West then my experience and opinion tell me that we’re in need of a serious reset in our life and business values.

I believe it’s happening.

If you’re one of my international readers then you can possibly back me up on this. However, even as an international reader, unless you’re highly unlikely, you and your culture have been deeply impacted by Western values.

Truth be told, you’re already abundant regardless of where you live. If you think me wrong, please think again.

If you quickly look up the word abundant it’s defined as: plentiful; having plenty of something.

So the question becomes “how much is plenty?” When is enough, enough?

True wealth is not what you have… 

true wealth is what you’re left with when all you have is gone.

We’ve covered wealth, at least at a cursory level; and while we’re at it… I believe we must dive more deeply into the concept of prosperity as well (which we will). Right or wrong, accurate or inaccurate, wealth, abundance and prosperity have all become deeply intertwined.

“From abundance he took abundance and still abundance remained.”

~ The Upanishads

The above passage has always been one of my favorites, because it seems so counterintuitive to most.

Truth usually is.

The fact is that abundance is… well, abundant.

If you’re wondering how the passage from the Upanishads could possibly be… Please STOP!

Now take a big full deep breath. As deeply as you can. Seriously!

Come on… you have to do this because I’m going to prove something to you.

Did you do it?

Okay now that your lungs are completely full of oxygen is there still and abundance of oxygen remaining?

You know there is.

In fact, every single one of the 7 billion people on the planet could do this simultaneously… and there would still be plenty of oxygen remaining, right?

“Well,” you might say, “James that’s a nice example but what else does it apply to?”



You think me wrong? Once again, think again.

“Most small businesses don’t fail because of lack of capital 

they fail because of lack of effort.” 

~ Mark Cuban

Your job, whether you’re running a business or your life is to fundamentally create (reference Innate Ability Development Principle #5), to bring something from apparently nothing.

But please take serious note of the word “apparently.” For appearances are only the limitations of your sensory factors.

There is no shortage of ideas, inspiration and enthusiasm and energy. There’s an abundance!

There’s no limit to the vast capability of the human body and mind.

And there’s no shortage of ideas.

How do you break the chains of limitation? Read more about it here.

If you feel that you’re lacking, I submit that the only thing you lack is awareness. Please ponder that long and hard.

You’re unplugged from your Source of Supply. Please read that again.

Now before you think I’m not going to wax all esoteric on you… I’m not. Stick with me.

I’ve had the distinct privilege to work with and mentor literally hundreds of thousands of individuals (primarily entrepreneurs) from all walks of life, all lines of business, and from all over the world.

What I can assure you from this experience is that you’re source of abundant inspiration, enthusiasm, and energy fully engages when you’re doing something you love and you’re fulfilling your unique purpose.

This may seem overly simple but truth is pretty simple… it’s just simply not applied.

The vast majority of individuals I meet are not doing what they love. Somewhere along the way they bought into the idea that abundance was correlated to money and materialism and they’ve traded their very lives to this end.

We’re a culture that’s traded money and materialism for meaning

I’ve been blessed to have dinner as well as share the stage with billionaires. I’ve likewise been privileged to mentor countless millionaires and multi-millionaires; and what I can assure you is that from my experience not one of them began doing what they’re doing by chasing the almighty dollar.

Not one!

Now you may know an exception, and I’ll acknowledge that. But I don’t know, nor have I experienced, any exception; and I assure you that even if there is one here or there… what we must focus on is not the exception, but the rule.

“The one thing that all successful entrepreneurs have in common is that they’re doing something that they love.”

~ Daymond John

The secret formula to a meaningful and fulfilled life is pretty straightforward:

  • Find what your Innate Abilities. This is what Howard Gardner from Harvard University calls your Unique Genius. (Reference Living a Meaningful Life)
  • Commit to developing those abilities fully and completely. What I’ve coined as Innate Ability Development™. (Reference Living a Meaningful Life)
  • Realize that it’s going to take an abundance of time, energy and struggle; what I’ve coined as The Entrepreneurs Struggle™. Get used to it. Better yet, learn to love it.
  • Find your unique purpose and utilize your Innate Abilities to fulfill that purpose by providing tremendous value.
  • Find your gratification and your reward in your work. Make the business of your business the reward.
  • Persevere. Studies show that the structure of true genius is deliberate and consistent practice… an abundance of it. I’ll be writing more on this at a later date.

The master understands that the true reward resides in the work itself. 

The joy of utilizing your abilities and skills to the fullest to contribute value to the world is the true feeling of abundance. Do you get that? Please read it again.

Ironically, when your focus is correctly placed, the propensity to create the lesser rewards that the beginners covet so strongly are actually much greater. Something to ponder.

And the journey continues…

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic,

james arthur ray



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