One By Ten Formula

Every single dollar, every single hour, you invest in your own development, advancement and growth will conservatively return to you 10 times over. This is what I call my “One by Ten Formula” and all those who achieve Ultimate Human Performance realize that for their results to grow they must grow.  Learn more about Life Unleashed LIVE! October 3rd.

2 Responses

  1. Minimum 10X… I can show it has been 50X! What I have put out has returned at 50X plus! A $25 outlay opens a $1250 opening to receive that grows over time.

  2. James I agree with this principle. I recently wrestled with making a purchase for a marketing piece! I saw the value but was not sure I could make it work. I took the plunge and it has been very fruitful. I was provided the tools and my mind was unlocked in how to use the tools. It has already paid for itself ten times over.

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