The Obstacle is Your Path and the Enemy is the Way

The Obstacle is Your Path and the Enemy is the Way

We don’t grow the most smelling the roses and drinking the fine wine.
We learn and grow the most in the crucible of challenge.

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Now I know that obstacles and enemies are “the way” is not popular, but we live in turbulent times so this might possibly resonate with you.

The dark drives us toward the light.

Think about the difficult experiences you’ve had in your life and you’ll quickly realize, with very few if any exceptions, that those challenging experiences were the times when you grew the most and became a better version of yourself.

It’s the dark that makes us; and it drives us toward the light.
The darkest nights are the creators of the most brilliant dawns.

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When you deeply consider what connects us as human beings, it’s not our victories.

What connects all humanity is the pain, challenges, and suffering we’ve commonly experienced.

The obstacle is your path; and you’ve created the obstacle. From the dark recesses of your mind the obstacles spring forth to reveal you to yourself.

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A path that is the “right path” is a path littered with obstacles. If there are no obstacles, then there are no opportunities for growth; and regardless of whether you’re aware of this or not, growth and awakening is the only reason you’re here.

What connects us as humanity is not our victories.
What connects us is our common challenges and common suffering.

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The enemy is the way. Your so-called enemy is your greatest teacher for growth. When you’re mentally and emotionally clean, external situations and circumstances inform you.

When you have unresolved emotional issues, then external situations and circumstances inflame you. That which inflames you is the part of yourself that you’ve not yet accepted, healed and integrated. Therefore, tough situations, enemies and obstacles are your greatest opportunity for Self-Awareness and Self-Love.

Separate the Earth from the earth element by means of a gentle fire.
~ Hermetics

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So yes, we live in turbulent times. Times of fire.

And one day in the future you‘ll look back upon these times and say, “They were some of the best times I had. I learned so much and grew so much; and I’m grateful.”

The “right path” for you is littered with enemies and obstacles.
If there are no enemies and obstacles there are no opportunities to learn.
There are no opportunities for growth.

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The challenge (and opportunity) is to be grateful for your enemies and obstacles right now. You see, an amateur can be grateful after the fact. But a true leader is grateful in advance.

Any amateur can be grateful after the fact.
But the master and true leader is grateful in advance.

James Arthur Ray

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!


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