Nothing But Life

Nothing But Life

Alright, now we’re moving right along into the fundamental principles of Innate Ability Development.™ Rest assured we’ll get to the practices in due time. We’re a society that’s caught up in “how.” Countless “how to” books line the shelf of the traditional personal development bookstore—whether literally (which is obviously rare these days), or in cyber.

I submit to you that “how” is the lowest vibratory question you and I can ask. For how is attached to physical application… which when applied without a fundamental understanding, leaves one dependent upon the next outside source to tell them “how to” once again. Do you follow?

The higher vibratory (although not the highest) question is “why.” When you understand the fundamental why you begin to develop true wisdom and herein lies primary power.

Wisdom is the principal thingtherefore get wisdom

and with all thy getting get understanding.

 ~ Proverbs 4:7 

You see when you understand the why (a.k.a. higher purpose) you can figure out your own how (Reference IAD4). In fact, you’ll realize that there are a myriad ways to get to the same objective and anyone who tells you otherwise is:

  • Lacking in both understanding and wisdom, or
  • Desperately attempting to peddle their own wares.

“Why” allows you to fully utilize your own innate abilities, your personal functional and integrated whole (IAD Principle 2; reference IAD 10) to achieve your unique objective in your own way. To think for yourself. To truly become self-referential and self-reliant. (Reference IAD9).

Is it so bad to be misunderstood? To be great is to be misunderstood. 

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Okay, just a quick recap of the two hearty and hefty principles we’ve explored thus far of IAD:

  • Principles must precede practices. This understanding gives you both potential wisdom and understanding.
  • The only true power is a functional and integrated whole. Mastery is the synthesis of both Spirit and Form; Divinity and Humanity.

So with at least a beginners understanding of these two principles we move to the next:

Principle number three: Life is all there is; and death is illusion.

Take a deep breath, sit up straight and buckle your seatbelt Dorothy because Kansas is going bye-bye.

We live in a culture that’s obsessed with death. In fact, it’s the granddaddy of all fears (there are 5 primary fears, stay tuned). The main reason we’ve invested so much time going through history in this series (starting at 10,000 B.C.E. if you’ll recall), is that I hoped to convey how we as a species have always been completely obsessed with death.

If you’ll recall, the Egyptians build their entire philosophy around “eternal life” and this was quickly adopted first by Mithraism and then Christianity with a twist. (Reference IAD7).

Remember I suggested to you that your entire mindset has been impacted by spiritual traditions (most heavily by Christianity) whether you consider yourself religious or not? Nowhere is it more apparent than in our dreaded fear of death.

We’re a culture of fear doing our best to escape death, pain, and demise

But in the meantime we forget to live!

Truly living and merely existing are two very different things. Learn more about it here.

Witness the countless dollars being spent on health and anti-aging products in our world. Witness the insatiable desire to amass large dollars in a bank account.

Some build businesses, some write books, some fill a trust, some chase fame, some have children.

Witness the estimated 2.18 billion Christians of all ages around the world, representing nearly a third of the estimated global population.

The list is endless but when you get to the core values that drive each of these behaviors… it’s the fundamental desire to either protect ourselves, to leave something beyond our physical years, to escape, deny or suppress our physical years and old age (another of the 5 primary fears), or to in some way have “eternal life.” Please read that again.

Now to the thinking man or woman it’s glaringly apparent that all these strategies are just the latest and greatest version of the “death and resurrection” myth.

But this entire myth is built on faulty logic and limited understanding. It’s fundamentally flawed taken literally. Let me explain.

The first law of thermodynamics “The Conservation of Energy” tells us that “energy can never be created or destroyed. It only changes form.”

Let this sink in. Roll it over and over in your marvelous mind. Consider all the implications on life and living. There is no death, there is only superficial change. Do you get that?

It doesn’t matter one iota as to whether you’re “saved” or rich or famous or notorious, loved or hated, or “Godly” (whatever the hell that means—you cannot not be Godly) or atheist… you’re not going to die!!

Science and all spirituality both tell us that all things come from one source. What science calls energy, the mystic calls Spirit.

Choose whatever label you will but the message is the same. Everything from a pine tree to a Porsche; a plant to a planet, a possum to a palace is comprised of this same thinking substance that is Universal Intelligence itself. And this substance absolutely cannot die!

Nothing can work contrary to its essence… a dog must be a dog, a car must be a car, a human must be human, and Life must be Life.

I’ve written about this in many forums and formats previously but repetition is the second law of learning and transformation. You see, all the metaphors of death and rebirth…

The Phoenix rising, Osiris, Mithras, The Christ are all rooted in a limited understanding of the only thing that exists which is every expanding Life in movement, transition, fuller experience and expansion! Do you get this?

Understanding tells us that the metaphorical “rebirth” is not some grand rapture that takes us all to a condo on a cloud if we’ve been a “good person.”

It’s not some transfiguration that elevates the awakened up into the clouds. Please.

Most of us would chuckle at how the Egyptians wrapped and persevered and adorned the physical body for its post death journey.

But are we really that much different today beyond method?

Fully one third of the world’s population (at minimum) are getting ready in some-way-shape-or-fashion for “heaven” in their desperate scramble to escape death. Seriously?

The word heaven comes from the Greek “ouranos” which translates as “expansion” and “where God dwells.” Think!

The Christian prophet stated, “The kingdom of heaven is within.” ~ Luke 17:21

“The kingdom of the Father will not come per expectation. For the kingdom of God is spread upon the Earth and men don’t see it.” ~ Jesus, Gospel of Thomas 113

I don’t know about you… but I’m living in heaven now… even in the midst of my occasional hell. For I choose to Live and be Alive! Ponder oh please ponder. What do you choose?

Understanding tells us that true rebirth is the Spring of new awakening and awareness. It’s nothing more than walking away from that which must be let go of so that we take the next step forward in Life unencumbered.

True freedom is measured by that which you 

can let go of and walk away from completely

… And the above includes your relationships, your possessions, and all the false illusions upon which you’ve attached your very life force and built your fragile identity (ego).

Know before you get all upset and twisted up… the above doesn’t mean you have to walk away—not necessarily. But you can, and you will, when it no longer serves your purpose. Can you do this? (By the way there is no value in lying to yourself).

This is true Living!

Yes, your body will eventually change form (it already is)… but even it doesn’t die. Think about it… how do we define death? Dig deep. Think deeply.

How do we define death?

When you boil it down to the most basic of levels… when you cut through all the BS, the way we define death is “not moving.” But with understanding we realize that even not moving is nothing more than a limitation of our visual sensory factor.

If we were able to see at the atomic level with our naked eyes (much less the subatomic level) we’d realize that there’s no such thing as “not moving.” For science also tells us through the law of vibration that all things that appear physical are nothing more than a mass of molecules in a high rate of vibration.

Put your desk, car, computer, body, anything under a high powered microscope and you’ll quickly realize there’s a party going on. A Cosmic dance that never ends.

The dance and the journey always has, and always will, continue…

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic,

james arthur ray