Moving Past Fear and Struggle

The majority of the world is consumed with fear, struggle and unrest.
Relax. Every significant breakthrough has always been preceded by a breakdown.relax-james-arthur-ray

Many are concerned in today’s world.

If you read the news there are shooting and bombings and tremendous social unrest.

The United States has a very unique new president; and many are unhappy even though he won by a majority.

The world economy is in crisis and the national debt continues to rise. At the time of writing in the United States it’s 104% of the national GDP.

Are we in trouble?

Are you fearful and struggling?

If you answer “yes” to either or both of the questions above then you’re in the majority.

Fear results from feeling out of control in life.
Take control. You know who are. Stand up!
Embrace your calling!
Take the action you know you must take!

Let’s look from a broader perspective; and instead of fear, you may just find hope and inspiration.

Every flower garden has weeds.
Weeds are tenacious and must be quickly pulled before they choke the flowers.
Weeds don’t need your attention. Flowers do.every-flower-james-arthur-ray

How do you focus more on the metaphorical flowers in your own life?

So that you move past fear to faith…

So you move past struggle to flow…

So you feel confident and centered even amidst the chaos?

So you have the resilience to keep moving forward. The kind of resilience I call Bulletproof Resilience

First and foremost you must know what your unique flowers are.

You must know who you are.

This takes a high degree of self-awareness; and it’s very uncommon.

In a world gone mad with fast fame, simple success and get rich quick gimmicks it’s no wonder that so many people are frightened, unhappy and uninspired.

When you know who you are and you work hard towards it, it’s magic.
When you don’t know who you are, hard work is just plain hard.

You see, you can’t control the external world. You can influence it, but you can’t control it.

What you can control is your inner world; and how you experience the external world.

You can never control life. But you can control your experience of life.cant-control-life-james-arthur-ray

The most effective way to control your experience in these uncertain times is to practice what I call “beginning at the beginning.”

To begin at the beginning you must go back in your memory to the earliest time you can possibly remember and answer the questions:

  1. What have I always been gifted with?
  2. What have I always loved to do?
  3. Where have I had a unique gift and capability for as long as I remember?
  4. What productive things have I always been attracted to whether I get paid to be involved with them or not?
  5. What one thing do I have the potential to become absolutely great at doing?

You were born into greatness but you’ve been conditioned into mediocrity.

You see when people don’t clearly know who they are, and what they’re here to do, they fall into uncertainty and fear.

They constantly look for someone or something outside themselves—new president, government, boss, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, more money, bigger house, better car, etc. to fill the ever present void that looms within.

No one and nothing can ever fill a void you experience inside of you.
Only you and your purpose can fill the void.

Once you find your unique genius and gifts you’ve set yourself on the path to mastery; and you must vow to never give up.

Understand why leaders hunger for endless growth and improvement here.

While it’s work to achieve anything (including your thing), it feels differently. While you work hard it won’t feel nearly as miserable.

Oh yes, you’ll have your days. I know I certainly do; and that’s part of being human.

But even when you temporarily think it might be easier to quit, deep down inside you know it never would be.

When you clearly know your genius, gifts and purpose you’ll never give up.
You know that even though it may seem easier in the frustration
of the moment to quit, it really would never be.clearly-know-james-arthur-ray

Once you’ve found your authentic self you’re home.

Life will never be the same again.

You’re working on your greatness; and after all, if you have no chance of becoming great at something you should never waste your time doing it.

You were born to be great.
If you have no chance of becoming
absolutely great at something,
please don’t waste your time and life attempting to do it.

Get busy!

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic!