Modern Alchemy with James and Bersabeh Ray

Modern Alchemy with James & Bersabeh Ray

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Life is meant to be successful, fulfilling, and complete in all areas.

~ James and Bersabeh Ray

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Look, it’s a fact and quite obvious that we live in disruptive and challenging times.

  • Gallup tells us that 72% of the people surveyed are “unhappy and unfulfilled in their work and life.”
  • Millions of people have lost their jobs and businesses in the last few years; and millions of others have decided to quit.
  • 48% of the people surveyed state they feel depressed.

As a result of the increasing disruption, volatility, and lack of calm, many are taking inventory of what they’ve lived their lives for; and are realizing that things must change.

Maybe a lot of things.

It’s time for us to individually remember many of the things we’ve forgotten. 

It’s time to assess our values and realize what’s truly important.

Yes, success in business and finance is good, but success without fulfillment is not success at all.

We are here and committed to helping you achieve true success, happiness and fulfillment.

Our purpose is to: We work with individuals and businesses that want to build a significant business, as well as meaningful relationships, and a fulfilling life.

If this definition of success resonates with you, and you’re committed to improving your results, connection, peace, happiness, and fulfillment, then we can help you.

We’d be honored to do so.

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    “You really helped give us hope and determination to move forward in our lives and in our businesses. As a result, I’ve seen renewed focus and passion from our members and my teammates”.

    Judy Wander
    International Council of Shopping Centers

    “All said and done, I observe my team is more committed and passionate to do “whatever it takes” to produce results in their business”.

    Rori Ferensic
    Association of Financial Professionals

    “If you’re ready to have your organization produce revenues, profits and performance that literally put you in a class all your own, then contact James’ office immediately.”

    Bruce Dickinson
    First Franklin


    James Arthur Ray has inspired and educated over a million people, from 145 different countries and across a variety of industries.

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    “The Rockstar of Personal Transformation”

    ~ The Today Show

    “The King of Self-Help”

    ~ Piers Morgan