Meaning and Purpose Are Everything

When desire becomes aspiration we begin to think like God

Now I know that if you look up the two words above it may seem like they’re synonyms. I submit they’re not. Please permit me to make a finer distinction between the two.

The fundamental difference between the two is that “to aspirate” is also defined as to fill with breath. In the Genesis metaphor of creation it states, “And the Spirit of God moved upon the waters.” ~ Genesis 1:2 (English translation).

However in the proper Hebrew it states the “Ruach” moved on the waters. While Ruach in Hebrew can be translated “spirit” it also translates as “breath.” As an interesting aside the word spirit is actually embedded in the word aspirate. Right there smack in the middle.

Aspiration is the breath of Universal Intelligence and how it moves and creates. At least according to Genesis. Now there’s something to ponder!

I submit that “desire,” (while a close cousin of aspiration), tends to be of the lower more material nature. While aspirations tend to be higher in vibration. By this time (if you’re following this series), you should well know that Universal Intelligence has one objective: fuller expansion, experience and expression. Period. No more, no less.

Mastery is to aspire to fuller expansion, experience and expression no matter what it takes to get there. Obviously much easier said than done.

Mastery and greatness are not born, they are made. Learn more about it here.

Here’s a hint: the passageway to this aspiration most often appears to be fraught with dangers; and more often than not, goes contrary to the desires of the small personal will. There’s another one to contemplate for a day or three.

To aspire in my book is to breathe and live at a higher level. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with the material plane. In fact, just the contrary.

Spirit without form has no expression

Form without Spirit has no vitality or life.

But to focus on form as primary is to forget the cause and to live in the effect.

Your God-given Innate Abilities are gifted you so that you can fulfill your unique purpose and destiny in this lifetime. But let us not forget that our spiritual purpose and aspirations are primary… while all material desires are but measurements of our progressive development, advancement and growth in the realm of form. Do you follow?

“Money is only a convenient way of keeping score.” 

~ Richard Branson

When we keep this in the forefront of our mind we can “let go and walk away” anytime it’s necessary. (Reference IAD11). For we realize that the ONLY thing that has any staying power, and true value, is that which is eternal. (Reference IAD12). Please ponder that long and hard.

Okay let’s recap our principles of Innate Ability Development™ thus far once again:

  • Principles must precede practices. This understanding gives you both potential wisdom and understanding.
  • The only true power is a functional and integrated whole. Mastery is the synthesis of both Spirit and Form; Divinity and Humanity.
  • Life is all there is; and death is illusion. All is energy and energy can never be created or destroyed. It only changes form.

Principle number four: Purpose and Meaning are everything. 

They are Life Itself.

I’ve traveled the world over and had the distinct privilege to work with hundreds of thousands of people… and I can state without reservation that the question asked of me more often than any other question, is the question of personal purpose. No exception.

If you think this happenstance… think again.

Your unique purpose is the overarching “why” you are here. While your Innate Abilities are the best “how” you can utilize to go about achieving that purpose. (Reference IAD11).

Are you tracking with me?

When your “how” and “why” are in concert, then your life is absolutely magical.

Time stands still.

You feel completely and totally fulfilled.

You clearly realize your unique place in this Universe;

And you know not only what you’re here to contribute… but you know that you are contributing!

You realize with certainty that your life is on perfect course—Right here. Right now.

And no matter what physical results may be currently appearing they’re all part of the Grand Adventure of Life; and the Perfect Plan…

Even when they’re hard, difficult, and downright painful.

Sound exciting? It is.

Oh… and one more thing.

Many people have asked me on blogs, Facebook and elsewhere. “James after everything that happened in your life… why do you choose to continue doing what you’re doing? Why didn’t you find something else to do?

Easy answer: Clarity of Purpose.

You see, frankly it would have been much easier in many ways for me to go find another career. To hide away and stay out of the public firing range. Bullets and daggers often really hurt!

But when you find your Purpose you know why you’re here; and no matter what… you don’t quit!

Do you have clarity of purpose for yourself? Do you know exactly why you’re here? This is my greatest wish for you and if you answered no to either of the above I can help you; and I’d be honored to do so.

Forget a career! Find your calling.

By the way, my team and I are just finishing up a 6 video online program called “Living a Meaningful Life” in which I’ll share with you exactly how to do this for yourself. How to find your purpose, as well as your Innate Abilities; and start to live—really live!

We live in a very exciting time. A time in which I believe we ALL can build a living around our life… versus the all so common life around our living. Stay tuned.

When we speak of purpose it’s important to realize that there are two levels of purpose:

  • Your Spiritual Purpose; and
  • Your Physical Purpose.

While there is a definite and distinct difference between the two (which we’ll discuss), when the two are congruent and in coherence Life truly comes alive.

This congruence my friend is the true definition of Epic Living; and once you’ve tasted it nothing else satisfies.

For now, I’ll leave you to ponder (or you can write me in the comments which I always read), about your thoughts regarding the differences between the two.

And the journey continues…

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic,

james arthur ray


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  1. Thank you James! I, for one, aspire To stay Awake! To Love Life! And to be MORE!

    And I am blessed to know with great clarity my Purpose – and Purpose. And I am now learning why and how, and maybe even with whom. And I AM realizing, with certainty now, that my life IS on perfect course – Right here. Right Now! And it always has been, even though it may not have seemed it, even though it may have been masked in pain and seeming misery. It was all part of the Divine Plan. I just didn’t know it. And it is all unfolding Now. And of course I have my part to play in it.

    And THAT is absolutely Magical if you ask me! It is Magic that will never fade, never become dull, never lose its sparkle – because I can see it fully now, because my eyes, and my mind, and my heart, and my Soul are wide open now.

    I can see now what was there all along. And there’s no going back.

    It’s good to be Awake, and Alive, and taking in that Breathe, and almost losing it, and then being filled with it again. And finding it in a higher and fuller and more expansive and more profound way than I ever, ever could have imagined. And I think, James, that that is what you mean when you speak of being Epic! And I thank you for being as Epic as you are, James – and for being as courageous, and passionate, and Alive as you are! And I am forever grateful to you for helping me to wake up and to aspire to be Epic too. Because my doing so will be for the highest good of all! And…this does not just go for Me, but for all of us!

    So…my prayer James, is that you always stay awake and alive, and filled with the Love and Power that is within you, so you can keep waking others up too- because that is YOUR purpose, or at least part of it.. May we all be Awake, and Alive, and Epic! Much Love Always….

  2. Hi James,

    Thanks for this blog. It’s probably the best thing I’ve ever heard from you and it gives me faith in the scary path that I’ve chosen. I’ve essentially tossed my financial security by the wayside to do a PhD. and establish myself as a scholar. However, I fear I’m still thinking too small and I didn’t realise it until I read this blog. I thought my fear was that I would run out of money. However, I now think my fear is that I’m not doing what I need to do to establish myself as a globally recognised scholar in my area of expertise. My how and why aren’t in concurrence. I mean I’m doing the academic conferences and social media thing. I’m meeting the right scholars but I’m not building the necessary media contacts. I fear I’m spending too much time thinking like other PhD. students who just want to get an academic job. I’m wasting too much time watching TV and on Facebook and not spending enough time focusing on my writing. I mean I’m not just trying to write a thesis, I’m trying to write a bestseller. Everything else is just busy work. I fear I’m not cultivating the right relationships and putting up too many walls against people. The relationship pillar has always been my most challenging. So while I know what the brass ring is, I fear I’m too scared to do what needs to be done to grab it. I guess that will come when I ‘m ready.

    Personally I’m really glad you chose to come back to your work. You’ve really done your best work since you’ve been back in my opinion. Your time in prison seems to have informed your work greatly and that informs the world. You’ve given me much more insight into how the universe really works. In fact I think you’re tapped into the universe in a way that many other New Age gurus aren’t (not sure if you identify that way). Although, I admit, I also find Marianne Williamson is quite helpful too. I really like her views on forgiveness and accepting miracles. It’s really a pity more people aren’t hearing your messages. You really should write another book. Although I’m not sure that the masses are ready for this message. When you’re ready, they will be too. In short, glad you’ve stuck with your life purpose.


    1. Lori, so much wisdom in your words. Much respect to you sweetheart. May I suggest that you think even bigger still. Write a book that changes the world… whether it’s a bestseller or not is of little consequence in grand scope. Bestsellers are often books that resonate with where consciousness currently resides (not always) game changers often don’t resonate there. Something to ponder ~ JAR

  3. Sir: I always enjoy and feel challenged when I read your writings. I am most grateful for your continual desire to always press in further and deeper. Like draws like.

    It is also most fascinating to look at Ruach with the additional understanding that that word is always used in the feminine form in the Old Testament! Ah yes, The Goddess Energy that is being restored to the proper balance in the grand picture! Life comes from Momma……

    Thanks for being YOU! No one else can do it but YOU!

    Always got your back……

    1. Yes Wayne… nice observation! Also the word Shekinah translated as “Spirit” is feminine. Remember Principle #2 in IAD “The only true power is a functional and integrated whole.” Active and receptive/masculine and feminine in full harmony. Stay Awake and Love Life ~ JAR

  4. Hi James, great post.
    I feel you all the way and commend you for being so strong and never quitting. You inspire me to aspire to fulfil my purpose and never give up.
    I wanted to come see you for this reason and to figure out the how but it’s too difficult with my physical limitations. But I hope we can do this by other means, you’re the only mentor I feel is fit to assist me with this.

    Stay epic,
    Peter K.

  5. Interesting to read your continued journey of discovery. Different approach yet coming to the ultimate Life Purpose that there is only One Spirit, One Purpose is in harmony with what I an discovering, All is Spirit and spiritual. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  6. James – thank you for continuing to teach and to show how important it is to continually learn and experience this life.

  7. Spiritual vs. Physical purpose. Hmmmm…

    Okay, I’ll take a shot at it. I think perhaps you eluded to it earlier in the text. Spiritual purpose is the “why”-the essence of God’s will for us here in this lifetime. The “how,” then, becomes the Physical purpose: the manifestation of that Will. For it is certain that I could manifest God’s/spiritual will in many different ways-although I always choose the expression that does the greatest good. I like art, I like music-but that in no way compares to me working with people considering taking their own lives.

    My take, for today, anyway-subject to change!

  8. Hi, James!

    This is the first time I write you in your blog. First of all, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I read “The Secret” and your words inspired me in my worst moments. I’d like to meet for holding you and to say THANKS, but your blog is a good way for doing it as well. Since the day my life changed many changes have happened, but one day I decided to make a movie about my story for talking how to live with a smile in your worst moments. Because I want to teach people that nothing is impossible, everything is a miracle with joy, gratitude and happiness.
    Thanks for all, mr. Ray.

  9. James,

    Your Monday blog posts calibrate the week ahead!

    ‘When desire becomes aspiration we begin to think like God’ …

    ‘But to focus on form as primary is to forget the cause and to live in the effect.’

    Giving last week’s “all addictions are the search for God!’

    From preschool on, we hear, have pounded in hourly and are brainwashed only to focus on form while never realizing everything is then only effect, effect, effect…

    There is only ‘First Cause’..

    I spent a large part of my first 14 years contemplating my purpose and Fortune always gives to those who seek. Only recently did I add the context many ignore,

    Knock UNTIL the door opens
    Seek UNTIL you find
    Ask UNTIL you are given


    For some goofy reason we think it should be a magic button you only have to push once.

    What we see is always and all ways a function of what we believe. Any nanomicrocosm of doubt voids the warranty too.

  10. I’m sitting here with tears running down my face. My answer to both is no. No clarity of purpose and I have no idea why I am here. This last year (more really but especially since August 2013) has been awful. I got divorced from an emotionally and verbally abusive man, changed jobs to one that was only “to pay the bills” moved into a mobile home that took every penny I got from my divorce, don’t have my son with me, lost three pets, had to borry money from my son’s savings account for heat, lost the “pay the bills” job, have no unemployment, work only 1 day a week making less than $100. I am so lost, so terrified, so alone and have no idea who I am anymore. I just don’t know how I’m going to make it. And to be honest there are times when I just want to call it quits. I don’t even know where to start. I just had to put this down somewhere. Thanks for listening.

    1. Heather my heart goes out to you. I know how it feels to be scared and alone. Keep the faith sweetie, you have so much more power working through you than you even realize. ~ JAR

    2. Sweet Heather,
      Prayers of loving light to surround you, illuminate you and guide you during these times of struggle, but just REMEMBER where you come from: LOVE, and despite the difficulties of your trials now, this could be an opportunity for you to realize how powerful, resourceful, intelligent, strong and lovable you TRULY ARE! May I suggest to Aspire, (just as James mentioned above) and aspire again, until you really FEEL the breath of God emanating from your BEING! this could be a good way to begin your way up to the Grand Adventure of LIfe and the Perfect Plan!
      much love.

  11. James, another thought provoking blog. Your words resonate with me. I believe I understand the distinction between spiritual and physical purpose. The physical one I still search for. I do know it will come to my awareness at the time it is supposed to.

    Oh, thank you for your advice a few weeks ago about women and how to respond to behavior you don’t agree with. You are right, they are magnificent creatures and enigmas as well..:)

    I hope things continue for you as they appear they are!!

    Peace and Wisdom, Jim

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