Life or Fantasy: 5

Every single emotion and feeling is part of the human experience. Please read and re-read that again and again until it sinks in.

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Until you’re willing to deal with your own pain it will always be there. Running like a minimized program on your computer screen… it may temporarily appear to be gone, but it’s still affecting your reaction, speed, and efficiency.

And the smallest trigger (like the click of a mouse) will bring back full-force and full-screen. Do you follow?

Because we’re unwilling to first see things clearly, and then feel the feelings that exist, we use a variety of methods in attempted escape from our own pain and suffering.

As I’m writing this, the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman comes into my twitter feed… the cause is still inconclusive, but drugs were definitely involved.

The world is in shock. How could such a gifted and privileged man exit in this way? How could he even consider heroin? He was so talented and so successful!

What most can’t (or actually refuse) to see is the human condition of which we are all a part. Regardless of whether rich or poor, famous are obscure we all have the same pains and the same suffering.

All of us attempt to escape the pain of our own self-inflicted prisons. No exceptions. Some use drugs, some sex, some use television, meditation, business, saving the world, even personal development and spirituality. But in most cases each method is a futile attempt to escape life in some way shape or fashion; versus facing it head on.

Does that mean we should not work to improve ourselves? No that’s not what I’m saying at all. The whole of the Universe is about greater experience, expansion and expression. We’re building this “Loving Life concept” a step at a time, so please stick with me… I think it will be helpful for you when you truly get it.

So let’s recap what we’ve learned in being a true Lover of Life versus fantasy so far.

  1. See your situation, circumstance and life exactly as it is. Like Jesus said, “In life are many tribulations.” And Buddha: “Life is suffering.” (See Life or Fantasy 1). They both made an honest assessment first. No you’re not saying this is all there is, but it’s where you must begin. See clearly.
  2. Feel the feelings that arise within you. Those who say “I never have a bad day” are emotionally dead and living in denial (not to mention scary). The Creative Source gave us a full range of emotions; and if you don’t experience the full range you might well be a droid.

Love life, see clearly and feel what you feel. More to come,


james arthur ray