Life Is Meant to Live

Life is meant to live and live boldly. Mere safety and security
is not life, it’s illusion, and existence at best.

I remember conducting an experiential exercise at one of my five-day events in which the participants were all engaged in battle.

Of course, the battle was only imaginary, but the imagination is a powerful tool.

If they lost in the game, they would “die.”

There are only two primary ways to play any game.

You go on the offensive or on the defense. Of course, you can do both, but everyone has a primary strategy in which they play.

As the game unfolded, it became quickly obvious that most all players were so busy attempting to play defense that they really didn’t even “play.”

Most are so busy defending themselves
from death and danger 
that they forget to live!
You can’t win the game only playing defense.

Look, the harsh reality is that we’re all going to be eventually beaten by time.

No matter how well you take care of yourself, and now matter how long you extend your life, you’re eventually going to step out and onward.

The constant awareness of your own impending death reminds you of the necessity to live; and live fully!

As we discussed previously, we live in a disruptive world. Most by nature, do their best to avoid change, but one of the 7 Laws of the Universe, The Perpetual Transmutation of Energy, tells us that change is all there is.

Change is all there is.
Attempting to stop it, resist it, or control it,
only brings frustration and failure.
The only thing you can control is how you use it.

As we continue to explore the third strategy of how to survive and thrive in our lives, we must realize that if we’re going to find happiness and fulfillment in an apparently chaotic world, we must embrace the inevitable fact that we can’t control the waves in life.

But we can learn how to surf them.

When we’re truly honest with ourselves, a life with no “waves” (while maybe nice for a minute or two to catch our breath), quickly becomes boring as hell.

Research proves that you and I alike are happiest and most fulfilled when we’re going after big goals and ideals.

When we’re facing big challenges.

When we’re on the edge of discomfort.

True life is lived while pushing
the boundaries of your current threshold.
All else is waiting and mere existing.

Please don’t wish for an easier life, that’s illusion. Wish instead for greater capacity and capability so that the once hard becomes easy.

For the spirit within you wishes only for fuller expansion, experience and expression. There is a constant push within you to do more, experience more and become more.

You are a spiritual being; and spirit has one objective:
fuller expansion, experience and expression.

Do you feel it?

This feeling is the lifeforce within; and it’ ready, and just patiently waiting, for you to stand up, step up, and take a bit more of your power back.

Risk. Change. Reinvent. Be adventurous. Tear down. Rebuild.
In this way only will you grow and truly live.

Like it or not, this is the only way in a world of apparent chaos to experience authentic happiness and fulfillment.

You can’t control or stop the chaos.
But you can learn to find and create order within it.

How do Leaders Bring Order From Chaos. Learn it here...

Will you?

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!