Life Is Yours for the Taking

It’s through our suffering that we potentially find our salvation

Even a cursory study of the Judeo-Christian tradition, as well as Nordic, Greek, Egyptian, Hermetic, Persian and many others will show the true student that each and every hero of all myths (no exception) went through tremendous suffering, agony, pain, disillusionment, and sometimes premature death. All of them!

What does this have to do with increasing your finances, growing your business, and expanding true wealth and fulfillment in all areas of your life? Oh, let’s see… just about everything!

Stick with me.

How is it that, in our traditional pop-spiritual beliefs and personal development practices, we so conveniently overlook the pain and suffering experienced by all the heroes of our myths?

As stated last time, my experience is that the greatest disservice we’ve done to ourselves, is to turn mythology into some type of ancient historical newspaper report that recounts an actual occurrence multiple thousands of years ago. This was never the original intention.

Now, I know this is quite controversial, and you may disagree with me, but before you’re quick to judge and/or write it off, please do some of your own research.

Check out the myth of Mithras of the Persian tradition; Hercules (Heracles) of the Greek; Dionysus; and Horus of the Egyptian just for starters. Your research might prove quite enlightening. The parallels of life, virgin births, birth date and location, death, miracles and just downright plagiarism might be scary and shocking to say the least! All of these predate Christianity by the way—all of them!

I awoke, only to find that the rest of the world is still asleep.

~ Leonardo da Vinci


In my experience this realization does not disrespect the hero of the myth, (particularly the Christian prophet) or any belief system—quite the contrary. It enlightens us to the true meaning and significance of the myth and the message. It allows us to realize the greater and grander meaning that’s permeated the human psyche since antiquity—throughout all cultures and all times. It brings these great illustrations and analogies to relevance for me and for you in today’s world.

Personally I’m really not attached to what you believe. I’m not here to change your beliefs. Life moves us all forward at our own perfect pace. As I’ve stated before: I respect all beliefs and all stages of awareness and development. All roads lead to the proverbial Rome; and all roads are an integral part of the one road, to the one destination.

My only commitment is to help, support, and facilitate (in any way that I possibly can), you to see life clearly. To experience true joy and fulfillment versus some trumped up, plastic, and romanticized fantasy. To experience heaven here and now as was originally taught and defined—versus waiting for some condo on a cloud (reference Alchemy 1).

To allow you to turn crisis and challenge into opportunity, grow your business, increase fulfillment in all areas; and continually expand your life. And to possibly provide my own experience so as to in some way assist you through your own awakening to the true adventure of life—real Life!


To those ends, I think that ancient myths and their heroes become relevant once again when we wake up and realize that all of them are lessons and roadmaps for the fuller expansion, experience, and expression of the soul. Do you get that? And these teachers, prophets and myths showed us the way… if we’re open to learn, listen and apply.

But our romantic fantasies so often would rather have us chase some belief system or savior that we must buy into that’s going to “save us” from the hard work; the frequent suffering that comes along with that work (which inevitably occurs as the BS is peeled away. Reference Alchemy 10); and do everything for us. Wouldn’t we?

Because all we must do of course is “think positive, learn some ‘law,’ ask forgiveness, or accept an icon or belief system” Right? Wrong. I sincerely hope that you know by now my new definition of true positive thinking. (reference Alchemy 10).

When we understand the lessons of mythology as examples of what must happen within us, and within our own consciousness, we realize that we must not worship the hero… we must become the hero. Not worship the myth… but become and live the myth!

Worshipping the hero is like idolizing the advertisement versus accessing and utilizing the product. For the teacher, prophet, hero is but a reflection of the grander Product and Principle that operates in and through us all. Ponder that one.

There’s always a price for the prize. And no belief in anyone or anything will “pay the price for us” so that we can just have the prize. Are you getting this?

No magical thinking, visualizing, or attraction. No super neurological brain technique. No external secret or savior of any kind.

These things at best can be supportive, possibly point a way, or maybe accelerate the process somewhat. But the way still has to be walked by you; and you alone.

To know the path is commendable…

To walk the path is rare indeed

I know I might be pushing buttons. But since you’re still here and reading maybe not. Maybe you’re ready. If you are, then I’m speaking only to you.

I could be wrong. I don’t think so; and only time will tell. Please check your own life experience.

So ultimately what are these great myths telling us?

How can we bring them into a modern age and give them relevance once again?

Why have we turned mythology into a “newspaper report” about an actual figure in the past, versus a Universal Message for the development of the human soul? Of our own soul?

Why have we been sold a story of quick fix, magic, fantasy, and follow me?

More importantly… why have we bought it?

What has to happen for us to grow up, leave stage one (while still respecting it for where it’s brought us), and step forward in our own development, evolution and fulfillment?

These questions are all broad and deep; and may take a lifetime of pondering. Yet in my opinion they’re well worth the time and effort.

The first step in this journey is to let go of the fantasy of stage one; and to see life clearly—exactly as it is. This takes true courage. This takes letting go of fantasy and romanticism. This takes a willingness to live—to really live!

What is Life for you? What does it mean to really live?

What does it really mean to Live Your Purpose and What is this so-called Spiritual Purpose? Read here for more information.

More to come…

Stay awake and Love Life,

james arthur ray



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  1. Well done for swiftly removing the 1st comment, it was not meant to be “shared”.

    Where are they?
    On the other side of fear…

    Have a nice life…
    Sarah:) 

    1. Sarah, if there’s one thing I’ve learned is that there is no “other side of fear.” Have you been reading the series? There’s a TREMENDOUS power in fear… but if you allow it to consume you it will destroy you. All things are virtuous yet any virtue taken to the extreme is a vice. Something to ponder ~ JAR

      1. You are right James, all things are intrinsically good, and yes there is TREMENDOUS power in fear… that is if one is able to correctly harness it.
        I can also see that there must be TREMENDOUS fear in some people.
        Preferring to retreat into the non congenial, but familiar is the easiest choice to make, but it doesn’t tend to bring growth.
        Personally what I have always found on the other side of my fears is freedom; however I must admit that your explanation of fear is something to ponder on, and yes I shall read the rest of the series.
        What does it mean to really live? To be fully awake, and to have the courage to be an individual no matter what:)

  2. “What has to happen for us to grow up…?” You ask. Many that follow dogma or the idea of magically bringing riches or soulmates or anything else into their lives are living like children. Children want everything to be safe. They want to know someone is there to look after them. I find this mentality prevalent amongst the puritanical of any denomination. Grow up – that’s we all have to do here. Take responsibility for our lives and our results. I’m with you 100% when you say we must become the hero and live the myth, otherwise we passively look on in awe thinking that those lifestyles are beyond us. They’re not. But deep down we know what commitment is required to be the hero and we’re afraid we might fail. Yet all those myths show how failure is simply part of the journey. You’re firing me up James. 🙂

    1. Stuart, you’re firing me up as well my friend! I wrote an extensive treatise while incarcerated regarding being “childlike” (which the Christ told us we should be) and being “childish.”… because I NEEDED it! In my experience there’s a major difference. The former is highly functional while the latter is highly dsyfunctional. You have mentioned a few of those qualities. I will probably write more about them at some later date. Thanks for your weekly insights… I appreciate them and honor the path you’re on my friend. Much love ~ JAR

  3. That is a mind expanding message it needs be read more that once in order to fully grasp its meanings. I shall start by checking out the Greek mythology -Gods of the Greeks is a book I read a while ago and I am going to read it again, hopefully it will help me in starting to see life more clearly. Thanks for so generously sharing your knowledge, it is most appreciated.

  4. Thanks for your words of wisdom and the true meaning of life.

  5. James! You are a master!

    Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth. – Henry David Thoreau

    You say with 1000% accuracy… When we understand the lessons of mythology as examples of what must happen within us, and within our own consciousness, we realize that we must not worship the hero… we must become the hero. Not worship the myth… but become and live the myth!

    The latest in neuroscience and cognitive science research says…

    The belief that our attitude or state of mind influences or causes the way we act is a fallacy.

    The belief that our feelings or emotions influence or cause the way we act is a fallacy.

    The belief that our body sensations influence or cause the way we act is a fallacy.

    The belief that our decisions influence or cause the way we act is also a fallacy.

    Therefore ANYTHING you do in any of these areas with the belief it will somehow affect or change your behavior is a waste of time!

    The MYTHS of the current age are deadly!! We have all believed them, can’t stop acting from them even when we know they are fallacies. Finding our own path within…

    Only one thing makes any difference.

    True positive thinking is accepting that what is happening IS the best. – James Arthur Ray [all three must occur at the same time….]

    To walk the path is rare indeed… You will have to turn off the TV, the stereo or whatever you are feeding your brain to cover up the pain, the fear and the dread of what it will take to be a hero. We all are one, either one on the path or stuck on it somewhere.

    Thank you for your Monday lessons!!!!!

    1. Michael… it’s a fact that you only see in others what you have within yourself. You may be familiar with Karl Pribram’s work–brilliant! YOU are the master my friend and I ALWAYS enjoy and appreciate your insights. Thanks for being here my friend ~ JAR

  6. Absolute brilliance James. Your message re-awakens my excitement to embrace it all and jump on the roller coaster of life (even though amusement park roller coasters scare me in real life…but you get what I mean). 🙂 Your message is the piece I felt was missing in the self-help industry. With gratitude and love. ~M.

    1. Maria! And what a grand roller coaster it is! Hang on because the endorphins are enlightening and sometimes addicting when properly understood. Thanks for being here and thanks for your kind words. Love ya loads ~ JAR

  7. What does it mean to really live?

    To live is to BE excited about what is next!
    To remember that what is next, is now!

  8. This is good! “As stated last time, my experience is that the greatest disservice we’ve done to ourselves, is to turn mythology into some type of ancient historical newspaper report that recounts an actual occurrence multiple thousands of years ago. This was never the original intention.” You are right. I often felt that the resurrection of Jesus after he died from great suffering on the cross is a metaphor of how through our sufferings, our dreams, our hopes, our delusions and our egos die. But through our sufferings, through our darkest moment and through the allowing of it, we are resurrected from within to a greater state of being, to a more balanced ego, to a sense of wholeness, where we see life as it is through a deeper perspective that no “positive thinking” can ever do for us, at least that’s my experience.

  9. “He who believes the works that I do, he too shall also do…”

    Love it James, love it! Man you have a knack for explaining this stuff!! Keep it coming brother, keep it coming!

    1. Nice quote Justin… how do the vast majority overlook that one? Isn’t he telling us clearly to step up and BE the hero? Thanks my friend ~ JAR

  10. You’ve got to pay to play. That is the phrase that keeps reverberating through my head. Truth is free, but reminders, well, we have to pay for. Boy can those get expensive! I’ve paid my dues in suffering-but sure do like the idea of myth and metaphor serving up reminders, as well. Put those on my tab!

    James, always look forward to your thoughts on Mondays. To me, living means to play by your own rules-and to see past the nonsense that we’re told comprises life by people who refuse to challenge it. That’s living. You have to pay to play.

  11. Thank you James I think this lesson is one of the brightest, I´ll be the hero and live the Myth, that is a great opportunity to create our own experience and advance to our own pace.

    But how can I say when I have left the first stage and can I avoid to repeat going through the same suffering once more?

    You just left us some interesting homework once more.

    1. Hector, I’m not sure by my experience seems to suggest that we often appear to revisit the same suffering but it’s actually on a broader more comprehensive level. And I’m convince (as I’ve discussed) that suffering in necessary to let go because we just won’t do it any other way. Something to ponder ~ JAR

  12. Hi JAR,

    This is getting interesting now..
    BTW I had dropped a mail to you and can you please check.

    Best Regards,

  13. There is great symbolism throughout Jesus’ life; that was his primary method of teaching. The crucifixion of our Lord can certainly be a symbol and a lesson to accept the pain of life as you do the joy and be renewed. However, to suggest this event did not happen in whole is not my faith….is that what you are suggesting? Through the myriad of translations and copies of the Holy Scriptures, no doubt the “facts” have been edited, misinterpreted and/or fabricated. The literal translation of the Bible has caused much pain and death through the ages. It is for a greater society to take these true events and apply them in our lives as Jesus intended…to love one another…to bring us closer…to find happiness. To deny these events in whole is to deny Jesus.

  14. my heart is open as I read the messages that you’re sharing now. Mahalo love and light Susan Newton

  15. This one baffles me a little, James. For the life of me I just can’t wrap my head around the PURPOSE of the suffering. Why must we humans suffer so much pain? I just can’t figure out why.

    I mean, I know that the “why” is so that we can grow. But why is that? Why must birth be painful? I’m still thinking on that one.

    1. Lori, it must be because it is; and all the beliefs, hopes and desires of the small personal will die kicking and screaming. ~ JAR

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