Life Brings Three Important Things

When we see clearly we realize that Life brings three important things…

education, adventure, and entertainment

Life is a beautiful and joyous adventure—even in the so-called ugliness and pain. Even when it sucks. You’re alive for God’s sake!! Truly it’s your expectation, attitude and perspective that differentiates between life as an ordeal, and Life as an Adventure. Please oh please listen.

“The rose celebrates by falling apart,

The cloud celebrates by weeping.”

~ Rumi

We’re all going to exit physical life (always much sooner than we expect or are prepared to do); and in the final analysis, the only thing that’s going to truly matter is if it was a galloping good story or a boring and fearful cling to the shore.

If you’re getting anything at all out of this series you should realize by now that just like you’re going to have challenges and difficulties… you’re going to experience fear (as well as all other emotions and experiences we do our best to avoid). It’s human. You’re alive! You can’t escape it. Never have. Never will.

The question is not how to avoid these things; it’s how to utilize them! How to live!

The fear that causes us to not take the leap. To not let go. To cling to our comfort zone and our material goods. To pray to some external savior. To attach ourselves to some magical law or technique that is the “end all be all.” That fear is a much different fear than the fear that comes from the galloping good story, the adventure, and taking the leap. Do you follow?

The fear that I’ve called the “stage one” fears come from fantasy, romanticism, and lack of being completely awake to real Life. (reference Life versus Fantasy series)

True courage is not the absence of fear…

True courage is the strength to allow fear to exist

Are you fearful and struggling? Do you want to know how to move past fear and struggle? Read more here.

Beginners allow fear to debilitate. Masters transmute fear into fuel. Which do you do? Personally I believe my life to be a galloping good story. Sometimes it’s been hard and scary as shit! (Sorry to be so crass, but that’s just the clearest emphasis). What’s your life?

It’s never too late to create your own legacy—and NOW is the time!

Please understand, I’m not superman (not even close). If you’ve followed this series you know by now that I’ve cried, felt sorry for myself, disappointed myself and others, feared for my own life and exhibited many other human frailties. Often I’ve created my own legacy kicking, screaming, and with much resistance (and by the way, I still do). But that tells me that I still care; I’m fully human; and I’m alive! And I’m really living. Do you get this?

To this end, I think we must become students of how the human spirit and soul develops, advances and grows. For such is the only objective of the Universal Intelligence.

Your results are a reflection of you.

If you want your results to grow, you must grow

It takes a bigger person to turn pain into progress. To grow a business. To grow your financial achievement and wellbeing. To build internal harmony and fortitude in all areas of life—particularly in the midst of disharmony and chaos.

If you can’t remain cool in the midst of the fire how really cool are you? If you can’t have faith when everything is falling apart—how much faith do you really have? Think about it.

By the way, before you slip into romanticism… you’ll never accomplish being full of faith and totally cool all the time.

The greatest heroes always confront the greatest dragons!

(reference Alchemy 11)

If you’re vigilant you’ll develop the ability to handle greater and greater challenges and “threats” over time and practice. But please understand, there will always be something that will potentially put you over threshold. That’s how it is for me; and it’s the “over threshold” things that really cause you to let go and grow.

Please be clear that bigger person does not mean “better person.” There’s no such thing as a better person. Just a bigger person. Therefore for bigger results and adventure, you must grow bigger. Do you follow?

Don’t wish for an easier life. That’s the grandest of illusions. Try telling your personal trainer at the gym that you want to get in optimum shape and grow more muscles but you don’t want to sweat, work hard or have any muscular pain. Get real.

Just suppose it’s only through our suffering that we peel off the layers of BS and illusion? The constructs we create in our own minds; and at some point when we’ve suffered enough we just let go and really live? This has been my experience. Maybe it resonates with you.

A kind and supportive soul responded last week by saying, “I’m sorry that you had to go through what you went through James… but it’s made you a better teacher. Would you now consider it a positive experience?”

First, I truly appreciate the love and support. Secondly, my answer:

“The only things that are truly positive are those things that contribute to further development, advancement and growth. To this end, this is the most positive and perfect situation in my life.

“Don’t get me wrong… I really don’t want to do it again. In fact, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. But now that it’s done I see the true perfection; and why I had to go through it. Through it I feel more awake and alive than ever before; and I know I’m a better and more compassionate man.”

At the end of the day, I’m not going to get into more detail in this series due to the limitation of the medium; and as we’re on the 12th installment, I am continually reminded of its limited nature. If you’re truly deeply contemplating these lessons I may have given you enough in this series to contemplate for life.

Maybe Universal Intelligence will see fit for you and I to explore these concepts in person or in a group someday.

I’m currently scheduling “Live Group Mentoring” in small group settings to address these and many other issues. I’m also doing a very limited amount of one-on-one mentoring; and I’m finally open once again to presentations and workshops for those who are ready to listen and feel they can benefit. It’s been almost 5 years.

If you’re interested… contact me through the website and we’ll see what comes. I’d love to help you in any way I possibly can.

Therefore, for now I’ll bring this topic to a close; and I’ll invite and encourage you to re-read the entire series (as well as Life versus Fantasy).

While I realize that most will not discipline themselves to re-read… I sincerely hope that YOU will be one of the “few who do.” I truly believe your effort will be grandly rewarded. Repetition is the second law of learning and transformation.

True transformation certainly does not come from a book or blog. It only comes, when it does, from Life and personal experience. I and others can help point you to the door—but you (and only you) must have the courage and strength to walk through the door—even when filled with fear. Maybe even better when filled with fear—for in this way only does it potentially become fuel.

The master turns pain into productivity; and trash into treasure

I’ll leave you with these simple steps, principles and processes for your own alchemy practice. For indeed turning trash into treasure.

For turning crisis into opportunity.

To grow your business, increase fulfillment and expand all areas of your life:

  1. See things clearly. A nail is a nail (reference Life versus Fantasy)
  2. Feel what you feel. Don’t change it or attempt to spin it—feel it! Anything that is suppressed will be expressed in later days and uglier ways.
  3. Understand that every energy and experience is part of the greater whole; and therefore part of God. Any time you dam any part of creation you damn God. Something to ponder deeply—possibly for the rest of your life.
  4. Anything that has no value in this Universe has become extinct. Therefore if it’s still here whether it’s physical, mental or spiritual it has value. Another thought to deeply ponder.
  5. Transmute/Utilize it. But only after you show it the respect it deserves. The archetype of fear has tremendous power. Likewise, the archetype of suffering has salvation hidden therein. Resist nothing. Utilize everything.

There’s always a price for the prize; and in my book, what I’ve been through is a small price to pay for something that will serve me for the rest of my days; and possibly allow me to serve you as well in a much deeper and more profound way.

How can you look at your current challenges, pain and suffering in the same way?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to awaken to the beauty beyond words or comparison?

To once and for all really live?

To finally love Life versus fantasy?

To fall completely and madly in love with Life. Real Life?

If you answer a resounding “yes” then maybe, just maybe you’re ready for what Life has in store for you…

My sincere hope is that this series has served you; and whatever direction I’m guided to go next will serve you as well.

Who knows… like I stated last week, maybe Universal Intelligence will allow me the privilege to teach an entire course on this topic.

It certainly deserves it… and then some. Again, if you’re interested let me know…

Stay awake and Love Life,

james arthur ray


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  1. James, I thoroughly enjoyed your series. Although sometimes provocative, it allowed me to think and accept my pain and experiences as part of my growth to a better man. Your words, wisdom and insight resonate with me. I look forward to following you.

    1. Mark I know what you mean and I’m humbled and honored. I only ask that you truly not literally follow me but follow your own intuition. I realize you typing this may just be a figure of speech but just in case. If I can point out the doors and potential pitfalls along the way I’ll do my best. I firmly believe that an expert in his field is NOT the person who knows everything about his field–for in reality each of us truly knows very little. An expert is one who understands the major mistakes that can be made in his field and how to best avoid them. Something to ponder ~ JAR

  2. PS I am interested in joining your live group meetings. Please advise on details once decided.

  3. Hello James,
    I’ve followed your teachings for many years now and have even attended a seminar or two. Like others, I too am sorry you had to experience the things you have experienced. However, for me, those very experiences seem to have made your messages more enlightening and relatable, far less arrogant perhaps. Your blog series has been fascinating and has renewed my desire to be a bigger person. Not necessarily for financial gain, but just to be the person I was meant to be. I sincerely hope you continue to write and reach out, your words are inspiring and thought provoking. I have a great deal of respect for the knowledge and experience you possess and would be grateful for the continued opportunity to learn. Thank you. Carol

    1. Thanks Carol… sometimes we all need a good humbling, I know I did. It’s so often easy to be blessed and forget that we’re being blessed versus creating the blessing. I hope to always retain that awareness. Much love ~ JAR

  4. I will go back and reread each post over the next two weeks. They all made a difference the first time! The second read is where I will be shocked at what I missed. Some people are annoyed calling this life a ‘game’. They may be too serious to play with however. Some play the game called possession and accumulation. I have and it was boring after awhile. Another way to play is command and control. It offers to a special few, something (?) that costs far too much in my view. All games have three sliding positions, victim to creator, not enough (or insufficiency) to enough (or everything/nothing) and spectator to on the court full out player. The three ways to play are I’ll try, I’ll do my best and I’ll do whatever it takes. The game that keeps me engaged as creator of everything/nothing on the court full out is compassion and awareness. I am a barely a two year old every day playing. Once you ‘know’ you have an eternity to play, there is no reason not to play full out, for what isn’t, for what is missing. To come from everything/nothing looking for what is missing while seeing everything is perfect the way it is right now should put a smile on your face. It does mine. Thank you James for making a difference!

  5. An interesting journey you have taken us on there James. Your is a remarkable story for sure, and I hope you continue to grow and expand and help others do the same. Much appreciation coming your way. Stu 🙂

      1. Hi, James,
        Really love the blog and the new hair.
        Sometimes maybe a little long for me because everything you say has a deep meaning and I need time to apply. Not that I’m slow. Just want it to stay in my mind 🙂
        Maybe a little more light and humor?
        You could use a laugh ..I know I could, thank you.

        1. Daphne, thanks sweetie. I’m working on it. Short is hard for me… I’m the guy who used to do 16 hour days at my live events. I’m working on it and it’s difficult sometimes in this medium to talk about very important subjects in sound bites. Live events will always be king. Much love I appreciate your feedback and your reading my information ~ JAR

  6. Thanks for all of your wisdom & helpfulness. You truly are a wonderful teacher. Are you planning any events in the Atlanta, GA area. I know a few of us who would be greatly interested. Thanks again, Gregg

    1. Gregg, you just never know. I’m awaiting an invitation and I actually lived in Hotlanta for several years. Might be a nice homecoming. Send an email to if you’re interested and maybe we can get something going. Thanks for your kind remarks, I hope to see you soon ~ JAR

  7. A powerful ending to a though-provoking series!

    My grasp of the lessons so far is that the aim for the serious student whose intention is to lead a life dedicated to expansion and growth would be to expect fear and face it with courage in order to understand its message and then work towards transmuting it into a type of energy capable to propel the student forward towards a designed aim? Am I correctly grasping this concept?

    I hope that Universal Intelligence will inspire you to write and then teach an entire course on this intriguing topic, as I believe many would be interested in further exploring it and no doubt would benefit from it.
    Thanks for having taken the time to once more share your wisdom.

    1. Linda… You grasped the concept masterfully. My hope is that we all can take off the rose colored glasses and get on with the business of living big and appreciating real life. Stay tuned on the entire course. Much love ~ JAR

  8. I’ve been trying to become a ‘better’ person most of my adult life due to a diminution of my perceived worth from parental scorn.

    With ‘fear’, I rose to the challenge, and climbed the peaks, only to fall into the inevitable trough that came with pride in achievement.

    What now?

    I know you choose your words carefully, and thus;-

    “Please be clear that bigger person does not mean BETTER PERSON. There’s no such thing as a better person. Just a bigger person.”

    “Through it I feel more awake and alive than ever before; and I know I’m a better and more compassionate man.”

    I’m puzzled, BUT interested!:)

    1. Greg, Nice catch. Sometimes language is not a good tool to communicate with… but it’s all we have. =) My use of “better” in this context was regarding better than others. Sometimes when we feel we’ve become better we often slip into superiority and judgment of others. Keep paying attention and keeping me on my toes. By the way, I too have fallend into that trap of the pride of achievement. It’s insidious and must be kept in constant check. Thanks for being here ~ JAR

  9. James, thank you for your work. Personally, I want to LIVE. Fear has been my master; I aim to make it my friend. If I’m not afraid, then I’m just not living enough. Period.

    Website looks great, and your live video had tears in my eyes. It’s good to see YOU, James. The best of you.

    Wishing you much success, and hoping that our paths will cross soon enough for mentoring, a meal, or just maybe sharing a stage. That’s the kind of BIG I intend to live.


  10. Resonated so strongly with the message, thank you! I view my mistakes as the manure/compost of the universe that will enrich my growth. Looking forward to more.

  11. Hi JAR,

    It had been getting interesting from the last few blogs which i started to go through. How would you try to help people staying outside US. You have indicated to stop this for now.

    Best Regards,

  12. James I’m totally interested in working with you, I was thinking of asking you to coach/mentor me. 🙂 You are a total reflection and you clarify and expound so much.

    Thank you,

    1. Thanks Peter! I’ll have one of my team members reach out to you. Hope to speak with you soon ~ JAR

  13. Thanks for showing up JAR! I am looking forward to whats to come.

  14. Thank YOU for sharing your life and experiences. I enjoyed every blog and am enriched with a lot of your great thoughts and new ways to look at life, I look forward to following you and your schedule and hope someday to be able to attend one of your classes or events.

  15. James,

    I would love to attend an event of yours again! I loved the one I went to years ago! I knew the allegations were false, as even with the board breaking we were told over & over that we had a choice to do it or not. Anyway, after the event my earnings went up by about 40%!!

    Please let me know of any upcoming events & I wish you continued health, happiness & success.

    1. Thanks so much Wendy… would love to see you again and thanks so much for your support and the update on your earnings. Congratulations! You can visit and check on up the upcoming events tab. Hope to see you soon. ~ JAR

  16. Well good grief. That’s the last one? I enjoyed having these show up in my email and read them with much interest. What I enjoyed most was you talking about yourself and your experiences. We often learn from hearing anothers story. I suppose I’ll have to start back at the beginning and learn what I missed. I hope everything you’re dreaming of now happens for you only this time you appreciate it even more. My main fear is to be on my deathbed and think “why didn’t I, or I wish I had”. Here’s to living!!

    1. I’m with you Ali and my experience is that the greatest pain there is is the pain of regret. Stay awake and Love Life ~ JAR

  17. James…..Great stuff, Brother!! Your series has definitely opened me up to new perspectives and self-reflection. Through the weeks as you have shared this series and reading the responses and such, I know that being a teacher is also parallel to being a student too! It shows through you words when you respond to posts made on each of your blogs. I can’t find the words to express my gratitude for you and your service to Life. I am eager for more! Blessings to you my friend, and, thank YOU!

    1. Jim, thanks my friend. Yes the greatest teachers in my book MUST be the greatest students. And in fact possibly the greatest trap we can fall into is to start to believe we are a teacher versus a student. Thanks for being here and thanks so much for your kind remarks. Stay awake and Love Life ~ JAR

  18. James,

    One of the points I got from this lesson was ‘it is what is it is.’ A lot of people focused on AZ. One event or one defeat does not define you as a person. However, the event can prove your teachings to be correct. You once said ‘what you focus on comes about’ and I am sure you will focus on the positive. You are a great teacher.


    1. John, there could never be a greater opportunity for me to practice my own teachings in such a profound way. Time will tell but what I do know is that the path that I taught was the path that I took; and it will continue to be the same. Much love and gratitude ~ JAR

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