Life Brings Three Important Things

Life Brings Three Important Things

When we see clearly we realize that Life brings three important things…
education, adventure, and entertainment

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Life is a beautiful and joyous adventure—even in the so-called ugliness and pain. Even when it sucks. You’re alive for God’s sake!!

Truly it’s your expectation, attitude, and perspective that differentiates between life as an ordeal, and Life as an Adventure.

Please oh please listen.


We’re all going to exit physical life (always much sooner than we expect or are prepared to do); and in the final analysis, the only thing that’s going to truly matter is if it was a galloping good story or a boring and fearful cling to the shore.

The question is not how to avoid challenges and difficulties; it’s how to utilize them! How to live!

The fear that causes us to not take the leap. To not let go. To cling to our comfort zone and our material goods. That fear is a much different fear than the fear that comes from the galloping good story, the adventure, and taking the leap. Do you follow?

Read Here: The fear that I’ve called the “stage one” fears come from fantasy, romanticism, and lack of being completely awake to real Life.

True courage is not the absence of fear…
True courage is the strength to allow fear to exist

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Beginners allow fear to debilitate. Masters transmute fear into fuel.

Which do you do? Personally, I believe my life to be a galloping good story. Sometimes it’s been hard and scary as shit! What’s your life?

It’s never too late to create your own legacy—and NOW is the time!

We must become students of how the human spirit and soul develop, advance, and grows. For such is the only objective of Universal Intelligence.

Your results are a reflection of you.
If you want your results to grow, you must grow

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It takes a bigger person to turn pain into progress. To grow a business. Grow your financial achievement and wellbeing. Build internal harmony and fortitude in all areas of life—particularly in the midst of disharmony and chaos.

If you can’t remain cool in the midst of the fire how really cool are you? If you can’t have faith when everything is falling apart—how much faith do you really have?

Think about it.

If you’re vigilant you’ll develop the ability to handle greater and greater challenges and “threats” over time and practice. But please understand, there will always be something that will potentially put you over threshold.

Please be clear that a bigger person does not mean “better person.”

There’s no such thing as a better person. Just a bigger person.
Therefore for bigger results and adventure, you must grow bigger.

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Don’t wish for an easier life. That’s the grandest of illusions. Try telling your personal trainer at the gym that you want to get in optimum shape and grow more muscles but you don’t want to sweat, work hard, or have any muscular pain. Get real.

Just suppose it’s only through our suffering that we peel off the layers of BS and illusion? The constructs we create in our own minds, and at some point when we’ve suffered enough we just let go and really live?

The only things that are truly positive are those things that contribute to further development, advancement, and growth. To this end, this is the most positive and perfect situation in my life.

True transformation certainly does not come from a book or blog. It only comes, when it does, from Life and personal experience. I and others can help point you to the door—but you (and only you) must have the courage and strength to walk through the door—even when filled with fear. Maybe even better when filled with fear—for in this way only does it potentially become fuel.


I’ll leave you with these simple steps, principles, and processes for your own alchemy practice. For indeed turning trash into treasure.

For turning crisis into opportunity.



There’s always a price for the prize. What I’ve been through is a small price to pay for something that will serve me for the rest of my days, and possibly allow me to serve you as well in a much deeper and more profound way.

How can you look at your current challenges, pain, and suffering in the same way?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to awaken to the beauty beyond words or comparison?

To finally love Life versus fantasy?

Fall completely and madly in love with Life. Real Life?

If you answer a resounding “yes” then maybe, just maybe you’re ready for what Life has in store for you…

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!


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