Legendary Leadership

stop looking for leaders and become one.




The search for a Leader?

Stops now. With you. No matter who you are… No matter where you live… There’s a leader in you, just waiting for you to breathe life into.

Leaders are not born.

Leaders are built.

Most believe that leadership is the private preserve of the chosen few. 
I promise, there could be nothing further from the truth. ANYONE can be a leader.

Whether you are leading your community, your startup, the free world, or YOUR HOME…you have a role as a Legendary Leader.

Becoming one of the new leaders the world so desperately needs takes work.

It takes doing something dramatically different.

Legendary Leadership changes how you view the world, it changes how you see yourself in the disruptive time in which we’re living.

Legendary Leadership changes how you think and act.

Because this experience is about a new type of leadership that we’ve not yet realized or experienced.

A leader for an emerging world like nothing we’ve ever seen or felt before.

A leader that is nothing short of legendary!


Are you ready to stop struggling to lead and build a business; and then attempting to fit your life into the limited spaces between?

When you’re a Legendary Leader, you’ll learn the secret to building a powerful business that STILL ALLOWS YOU TO LIVE YOUR LIFE WITH THOSE YOU LOVE. 

No more treadmill of “chase the money to pay the bills while losing your quality of life and the ones you love” because you KNOW how to operate in your business and in your daily life to make it ALL work together. 

It’s Time to Make the Change!

It’s time to build a life! And then allow your business to be a reflection of your life versus the other way around.

It all begins with your own self-awareness, mastering communication at all levels, and having massive influence with every single person that you meet.

When you attend, you will:

  • Develop the self-awareness necessary to follow your own path versus the path that society has handed you—how can you know what you want if you don’t know who you really are?
  • Find what Carl Jung called your “shadow”. The unconscious part of you that keeps you limited and stuck; and bring it into light…
  • Uncover your prime drivers to deal with the cause versus the endless effects…
  • Learn the single most powerful unconscious motivator of everything you do and don’t do—and how to use it, versus being used by it…
  • Learn the strategies and methods of master communicators and how to have the massive influence necessary to fulfill your dreams…
  • Dive deep into your personality and learn your strengths—and how to leverage them—as well as your weaknesses—and how to overcome them…
  • Learn the two distinct levels of communication and the four planes upon which we communicate, and how and when to use each…
  • Learn precisely how leaders communicate to influence versus just inform…
  • Learn specifically how to create instant rapport and deep influence with clients, team members, and even personal relationships…
  • And much more!

The Legendary Leadership Experience is where you take back, and own, your power It’s where you design—and live—the life you desire and deserve.

james arthur ray

Why am I the one to teach you to grow yourself and your business?

Because after studying behavioral sciences, psychology, and why we all do what we do in life, I built my business career at AT&T School of Business coaching and consulting C-Suite Executives on things like leadership, communication, team performance, personal performance and a whole host of business strategies and tools that helped push their good leaders to be greater leaders.

In other words, I taught C-Suite execs to do exactly what I’m teaching you in this 3-Day experiential event.
Since leaving AT&T, I built a $10 million dollar Inc. 500 company, as well as had the opportunity to coach and consult hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and leaders to greatness in both their personal and professional lives.
Today I coach and consult primarily with entrepreneurs from start-up to multiple 8 figures helping them understand the keys to their own personal power, just like what you’ll learn at this exclusive event.

This is Your Chance. This is Your Time!

Build a fulfilling life business and make the contribution you’re here to make.
This is where you start.

The Legendary Leadership Experience Virtual Event via ZOOM. February 5-7

The true leader addresses the entire person. Businesses don’t perform, people perform. Change the person, change the results. 
All you have to do is decide. 

And you can. Believe me. 

This may be difficult, but 


Start now. Take the first step. The Legendary Leadership Experience Virtual Event via ZOOM. February 5-7 Grab your seat now!

It’s time to stop looking for leaders and to become one.

If you don’t do something different today, you’ll be in the same place one year from today as you are today with 2 exceptions. You’ll be one year older, and twice as frustrated and obsolete. Not a pretty picture.