Leadership, the Philosopher and the Mystic

Leadership, the Philosopher and the Mystic

You can’t be a great leader unless you’re a great philosopher.
You can’t be a great philosopher unless you’re somewhat of a mystic.

Once again, we explore unchartered ground in the pursuit of a new type of leadership for both our life and business.

There are 5 Dimensions of Leadership and Performance® and while going through all 5 is not the purpose of this entry, I guarantee that whether you’re looking at your own personal leadership, or the leadership of your business, if you’re not fully vested in all 5 Dimensions you’re not even close to your potential personally, professionally, or collectively.

There are 5 Dimensions of Leadership and Performance®
and unless and until you’re fully vested in all 5 Dimensions,
you’re not even close to your personal or professional potential.

The foundation of everything for life and business leadership is philosophy. Your philosophy drives your psychology (how you think, feel and act).

Attempting to act differently without changing the cause of all action (or inaction) is like attempting to save the rainforest by increasing taxation on bulldozers and saws.

Obviously, that strategy won’t work.

Any and all significant change in our world has come
as the outcome of a change in consciousness.

Your philosophy is your life foundation. It’s based upon meaning, purpose, values and vision.

My mind was formed by studying philosophy.
  ~ Werner Heisenberg (Nobel Prize winning quantum theorist)

The challenge, is we’ve become lost in the morass of money, materialism and ROI. Even though mounds of research prove that these things do not bring fulfillment to our lives.

We’ve lost all value for philosophy in the modern world.
Focusing almost solely on strategy. Yet your philosophy is the
foundation of your psychology; and your psychology drives strategy.

As a leader if you have no philosophy upon which to build your life and business, you’re building on sand.

Read here to learn the 4 levels of leadership that you must master.

The only thing certain about life and business is uncertainty.
Your certainty must reside within; and until it does, you’re in jeopardy.

When life inevitably shifts, transforms, or even crumbles and falls, a life built upon strategies, money and external results alone will crumble.

Conversely, when you have a firm philosophy and foundation upon which you’ve built, while the structure may fall, you still have a firm foundation upon which to build again and again.

When you build upon a firm philosophical foundation,
while the structure may fall, you still have a
firm foundation to build upon again and again.

Where are you?

Are you focusing on the foundation or attempting to build a structure on sand?

Leaders understand that principles must be primary.

Time is of the essence.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!

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