Leadership, the Philosopher and the Mystic Part 2

Leadership, the Philosopher and the Mystic Part 2

Leadership and Entrepreneurship are a spiritual experience.
The true entrepreneur is a Spiritual Entrepreneur.

This is our second installment in the idea that a true Leader in today’s world must be both philosopher and mystic.

We’ve lost our value for philosophy in today’s world. Read more about it here.

We discussed in our last installment that while most are focusing on strategies in today’s world of business, you absolutely cannot be a good strategist without being a good philosopher.

To apply strategy over philosophy, is like building a house on sand. If you missed the last installment go Here.

I realize the term “mystic” is used even less frequently in business circles than it is in philosophy. But when properly understood, it shouldn’t be.

Quantum physics is the mysticism of the 21stcentury.

Science now tells us that we all have a tremendous impact on our reality. In what’s called a “Tangled Hierarchy” both our external world and our internal world simultaneously “Collapse the Wave Function” and bring the 3rd dimension from potential into form.

The understanding of this shows us our god like potential. Your creative ability is your god potential within you.

If God creates us, then we likewise at some level create our surroundings and results.

Quantum physics isn’t as weird as you think.
It’s weirder than you CAN think.

While some may define “spiritual” as religious, that’s not how we’re defining it here.

For the purpose of this discussion we’ll define Spirit as the animating life force principle.

Spirit is in all, and through all; and according to physics that Spirit is Consciousness.

God sleeps in the rock. Dreams in the plant.
Stirs in the animal; and awakens in man.
~ Sufi Axiom

As you know from the previous weeks installments, I suggest that a leader in today’s world must study all fundamental truths. From spirituality, to biology, to physiology, to astronomy, to physics, as well as business principles and strategies.

To do anything less is operating with an incomplete model.

That doesn’t mean you’ll be an expert in all these areas—you won’t. I’m certainly not.

However, I’ve studied physics for the better part of 20 years; and I continually work to find the truth science is now finding which has a powerful impact in our lives and business.

If you think you understand quantum mechanics,
you don’t understand quantum mechanics.
~ Richard Feynman: Princeton

It’s mystical.

It’s magical.

And it tells us just how much power we’ve given away; and more importantly how to Take Your Power Back!

We live in the most exciting times in modern history.

The opportunities are endless.

Science and Spirituality are no longer in opposition—they’re sister studies.

The only question is will you break the chains of socialize mind and the mob mentality?

Will you Lead your own life, and take a seat at the table of your destiny and greatness?

Or will you continue to follow the crowd?

Those who follow the crowd most often get completely lost in it.

James Arthur Ray

Your move.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!

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