Leadership Requires Sacrifice

Leadership Requires Sacrifice

If you’re not willing to sacrifice for your dreams and intentions,
Your dreams and intentions will be the sacrifice.

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Victory stands on the back of sacrifice.

If sacrifice is not a popular concept for you, then join the masses.

But those on the path of leadership and mastery realize that the whole of development, advancement, and grounded in this one thing.

This is true whether growing a business, a body, or your spirit.

The entirety of advancement is the sacrificing of a lesser thing for a greater thing.

What most neglect to remember is that the original definition of sacrifice is “to make sacred.”

To place something you hold valuable on the altar of life; and pay homage to your new Life.

The original meaning of the word sacrifice means “to make sacred.”
You must lay on the alter of life, something of a
lesser value for something of greater value.

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You must sacrifice golf and games and weekends and vacations and TV time and energy and sleep and comfort food and maybe most importantly, faulty, limited, and worn out machine-mind thinking to step into your full capability and potential.

There’s ALWAYS a price for the prize; and the greater the prize the greater the price.

There’s always a price for the prize;
And the greater the prize, the greater the price.

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Will you pay the price for your prize?

Answering either “yes” or “no” matters not.

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For either way, you will pay the price.

Either way you will sacrifice something.

To be great at anything means you must choose
to not be great at something else.

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Pay the price for greatness and your God-given potential, or you pay the price of selling-out and regret.

One of the greatest prices that you can pay is the price of regret.
To look back and think: if I only had the courage.

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Which will it be?

For you must choose; and even if you think you won’t choose, that too is a choice now isn’t it.

You must choose. No exception. Even thinking you won’t choose
is a choice in itself. Choose wisely. This is your life.

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And every single choice has a consequence.

What has to happen for you to let go right now?

To place on the altar of the path of greatness all those things which seduce into mediocrity?

Physical life is not getting any longer my friend.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!


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