Leadership is Sacrifice

Leadership is Sacrifice

If you’re not willing to sacrifice for your dreams and intentions,
your dreams and intentions will be your sacrifice.

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Trace the etymology of the word “sacrifice” to its origins and you’ll find it to mean “to make sacred.”

To sacrifice is to lay on the altar of life something of a lesser value to gain something of greater value.

Unfortunately, so many want to have their cake and eat it too.

Recent surveys of the younger generation show, that while they’re talking “making an impact”, they’re mostly just talking.

The average millennial has $35,000 in credit card debt—and it’s not for building a business, it’s for “lifestyle.”

The new generation is talking different but behaving in the same fashion as their
parents. With an average of $35,000 in credit card debt—not for building a
business and impact—but for “lifestyle.”

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True leadership is sacrifice.

You see, we all make sacrifices. What is most sacred in your life? Read more about it here.

Finding your purpose and making it sacred above and beyond all else.

Giving up something of a lesser value for something of a much greater value.

Look, while it might not be popular, to be great at anything means you must choose to not be great at something else.

To gain anything is to let go, give up, or lose something else. But then again if what you’re gaining is of greater value, are you really “losing” anything?

To be great at anything is to choose to not be great at something else.

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Authentic leaders find their cause and calling and then all else becomes superfluous.

Anything that does not contribute to the achievement of purpose is cut away for time is finite.

The problem is you think you have time.
You don’t, time has you; and it will unfortunately wipe you off
the board long before you’re ready.

James Arthur Ray

There’s always a price for the prize. The bigger the prize, the bigger the price; and the price must be paid in advance.

What are you willing to lay on the alter of life to achieve your own leadership, fulfill your purpose, and contribute value to the world?

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!


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