Leadership For The Future

stop looking for leaders and become one.




The only competition you’ll ever have is the competition between your disciplined and undisciplined mind.

And to create an 8-figure life and business?
You have to break down the competition.

Leadership for the Future does exactly that in an action-packed experiential event that:

Changes how you see yourself, how you think, and how you act so you can let go of behaviors that work against you and your business and life goals.

Because becoming one of the elite performers takes doing nothing less.

You want to be the one they admire
and wonder, “How the heck did they DO that?” You want to do things most people can’t. You want to make an impact with your life on the lives of others with your business.

This is your chance!

Building a powerful business and living an
8-figure life requires behavior that is not
born in all of us. But it can be built into who
we become.

This Mastermind experience changes who you are on the most powerful level…at your core…so that you develop the actions and behaviors you need to run a business and live a life that changes the world.

Leadership for the Future is where you stop struggling to become the leader you know you have the ability to be, and start living as the powerhouse you are, inside.




9:00AM - 5:00PM

When you attend, you will:

  • Be able to build a business that not only hits your financial goals, but that also fulfills you on a soul level because success without fulfillment is not success.

  • Get solutions to your most pressing business challenges so you can go back and implement them right away.Will you be ready

  • Release crutch behaviors that you constantly fall back on that keep you stuck in the same patterns that don’t support your goals.

  • Break the thinking that keeps you working a job you don’t love so you can build and run a business that fills you up on the inside.

  • Develop the habits, beliefs, and actions that shift you into living like the elite leaders and performers that keep you inspired to be a better you and level up your game, every single day.

  • Change your entire life from the bottom up because becoming your best means releasing all that has stopped you until now.

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So, Are you Ready to Level-Up your Game? Here are just a few of the things that past attendees are saying:

Take a look at this tiny taste of what you’ll take part in during this 3-day, life-changing experience. You will:

  • Mastermind with leaders from around the globe regarding how they lead both their life and their businesses (because true leaders know you can’t build a business, while ignoring your life).
    Discover and learn to apply the insights that helped me build an Inc. 500 team (and one of the fastest growing most successful privately held businesses in the nation, if not the world), so you can do it, too.

  • Experience insider health and energy hacks that are little known outside of extreme athletics to guarantee you instantly 10X your energy allowing you to easily get it all done, every day, without feeling sapped of your greatest resource.

  • Participate in business hot seats that give you solutions to your business struggles so that when you return, you have actionable items that will actually FIX what’s not working in your business.

  • Discuss and clearly define the strategic blueprint for your life and business and how you can implement it immediately.

  • Experience personal breakthrough sessions, one-on-one with me, in which I’ll utilize Emotional Stress Hacking® tools and techniques that my executive coaching clients invest $120K or more per year for me to work them through.

  • Plug into an ongoing growth-minded community for networking, masterminding, referrals and cross-pollination of ideas that boosts you along your projected timeline for reaching your business and life goals.

The experience you will walk into is one you’ve never experienced before. And you’ll walk out having had a taste of what it’s like to live and run an 8-figure life and business.

James Arthur Ray

The true leader of the future addresses the entire person. Businesses don’t perform, people perform. Change the person, change the results.

James Arthur Ray in an interview

Why am I the one to teach you to grow yourself and your business?

Because before the stage, I cut my eye teeth at AT&T School of Business coaching and consulting their C-Suite Executives on things like leadership communication, team performance and a whole host of business strategies and tools that helped push their leaders to be greater leaders.

In other words, I taught C-Suites to do what I’m teaching you through this experience event.

And since leaving AT&T, I built a $10 million dollar Inc. 500 company, as well as had the opportunity to coach and consult hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and leaders in both their personal and professional lives to greatness.

You want to build an 8-figure life and business? This is where you start. THIS IS YOUR TIME

woman trying to hold a shark

You want to build an 8-figure life and business? This is where you start.

Leadership and Ultimate Performance are what drive you. You want to be the best at what you do, there is no better way to get there than with this event.

And becoming your best doesn’t have to take years or even months. You actually start living and being your best, the minute you walk into this program.

You’ll feel what it’s like to live and think and act like a leader from the hands-on activities that are constructed to help you achieve the fastest possible transformation.

Because when we’re finished, you’ll walk out of the event with a completely aligned mind that ends the competition that goes on in your head.

When you’re finished, you will:

  • Know exactly what you want from your life and specifically how you want to live it…
  • Know what that new life will demand from you so that you’re guaranteed to get it…
  • Uncover the unconscious block and barriers that have kept you from your greatness; and breakthrough them forever…
  • Know what elite living feels like from experience, so you can recreate it in your own life, relationships and business…
  • Know exactly what habits are wrecking the leader you choose to become; and specifically how to change them…
  • Own the insider health hacks that allow you to feel a new daily surge of energy and youthful excitement that bounds you out of bed excited to lead your new life each day…
  • Know beyond doubt how and why you can make the impact in the world that you’re here to make…
  • Clearly know and learn the skills and mindset necessary to turn around 6 months from now, and look back at your life and business sitting squarely on a whole new plane of success and achievement…
  • And so much more!
James Arthur Ray looking at an instructor

There are 5 Dimensions of Leadership & Ultimate Performance:

Philosophy: The foundation of your life and everything you do. Your Purpose, Vision, and Values…

Psychology: Your mindset. Your Thoughts, Self-Image, Beliefs, Assumptions, Expectations…

Physiology: Your body and the energy you have (or maybe need more of)…

Community: The people that surround you and support you. Either big thinkers or small thinkers (which do you have?)…

Strategies and Skills: How you go about implementing the 4 previously mentioned dimensions into both your Life and Business.


Because 8-figures is completely doable. If you’re willing to step up and live like the elite. The question is: Are you willing to end the competition between your disciplined and undisciplined mind in order to build an 8-figure life and business?


The true leader of the future addresses the entire person. Businesses don’t perform, people perform. Change the person, change the results.

In this game changing pragmatic week, we’ll explore and learn the research, we’ll experience the breakthroughs, and we’ll apply the strategies and skills that guarantee you thrive now and moving forward in this fast-paced world.

Let me ask you…

How will it feel to be completely secure and insulated from the impact of AI’s, market fluctuations, downsizing, obsolescence and anything life might throw your way?

How good will it feel to know that no matter what comes at you, and no matter how disruptive, you can confidently say to yourself, “I’ve got this”?

How secure will you feel when you KNOW beyond doubt that regardless of what happens, you have the power to reinvent, adapt and be ultra-productive?

Look, the world needs more conscious and comprehensive leaders now more than ever before.

It’s time to stop looking for leaders and to become one.

If you don’t do something different today, you’ll be in the same place one year from today as you are today with 2 exceptions. You’ll be one year older, and twice as frustrated and obsolete. Not a pretty picture. Grab your 80% discount now