Leaders Win the Greatest Battle of All

Leaders Win the Greatest Battle of All

The Resistance is a powerful force. It’s been conditioned into you since
your very first breath; and it will surround you until your last.
But The Resistance can be overcome and beaten. It takes time,
endurance, emotional strength and mental toughness;
but it’s a battle that can and must be won.

Here we arrive at the 13th and final installment in our series exploring the various battles that true Leaders must fight and win on a daily basis.

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So, what is “The Resistance” anyway?

It’s the sum-total of the previous battles we’ve discussed in the first 12 blogs of this series.

The Resistance is what Robert Keegan from Harvard calls “Socialized Mind.”

The Resistance is Nietzsche’s dragon “Thou Shalt.” To which Nietzsche’s Lion roars I WILL!

The Resistance is all the doubts, limiting self-belief and self-image, lack of self-confidence, insecurities, fears, impatience, lack of faith and all other limitations that have been programmed into us.

The Resistance is a formidable opponent. It won’t die quickly or easily; and it must be continually fought and overcome.

When you choose to pursue your own greatness,
please don’t expect others to support you. They won’t.
For you represent the courage that they don’t have.

While it may seem that we need to eliminate The Resistance, this is not the case. 

Nor is it even possible.

Even a cursory understanding of Ohm’s Law from electricity, proves that the greater The Resistance, the greater the output.

Coupled with the greater the force you bring against it, The Resistance is your supreme ally.

Please let that one sink in, roll around and take root.

Bottom line, there will always be resistance; and the greater you push against it, the greater the results you achieve.

When stepping through your own door to leadership and greatness,
you’ll be met by thousands of sentinels whose sole purpose
is to guard the gates of the past. 


There are a multitude of powers with a vested interest in keeping you dumbed down, stupefied, hypnotized and asleep.

Your job as a true leader is to not allow them to do their job.

This means you must continually battle.

Leaders Go to Battle

Every day is a day to rise up, stand up, and Take Your Power Back!

To go into the arena and fight! And of course, the greatest battle is internal not external.

Every day is a day to commit and recommit to Lead Your Life and Lead Your Business, for you realize that the world desperately needs more Leaders and Free Thinkers.

If your primary objective is a new house, car, or level of income.
You’re NOT a free thinker. You’re a slave of socialized mind.

Make your difference…

Make your impact…

Live a good life…

And make Truly Living your prime objective. 

True Living is not the by-product of any external thing.

Make giving more important than getting.

Break free of the chains of money and market and make them your slave versus you being theirs.

Recognize your own personal gifts and genius…

Realize what makes you happy and fulfilled…

Live your OWN life.

Take Your Power Back.

Now is the time.

It’s the only time there is.


Or follow the masses and get completely lost in them.

It’s your choice and the choice MUST be made.

Your move.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!