Leaders Win the Battle Over Romantic Idealism

Leaders Win the Battle Over Romantic Idealism

Many are conditioned to believe they’ll eventually reach a place where
they have enough money, and enough things, and the perfect relationship,
and all will be smooth and easy. That’s romanticism not realism.



Leaders see life clearly. 

Life is often hard; yet it’s also amazing.

This is our 10th installment in exploring the battles to be fought and won as a true leader. If you need to catch up go here.

The fact is that true life, and true leadership, are a battle. Whether we want to believe it or not, to continually grow in both your life and business is a battle; and the battle never ends.

The greatest battle you’ll ever fight is the battle to be unique;
and the battle never ends.

It’s so easy in this world of social media to fool ourselves into romanticism. It’s a verisimilitude that everyone has a better life than ours. 

In other words, it appears to be true that everyone has a better life than ours.

They don’t.

The major cause of all suffering
is that we don’t see life clearly, 
exactly as it is.
~ Gautama Buddha

Pictures of cars, planes, boats, watches, perfect families, perfect vacations, and LOTS of money hide the seething discontent and lack of fulfillment lurking beneath the surface.

You think social media is true and real?

You think ANY media is true and real?

Think again.

The amateur falls into romantic idealism and constantly pursues the proverbial big hit and brass ring.

That’s why the amateur is in constant pain and suffering.

The leader understands that power, purpose, happiness and fulfillment are an inside game and nothing outside will provide what you don’t have inside.

Master your Mind. Master Your Life!

Don’t wish for easy. That’s romantic illusion.
Wish for strength. Wish for greater capacity to get
through the challenge’s life brings. Take Your Power Back!

The battle to overcome romantic illusion and see life clearly is a difficult and never-ending battle. 

Leaders Are Not Romantic They’re Optimistic

When you choose to break free of the illusion, you’ll constantly be bombarded from 360 degrees to fall back in the trap.

But when you continue to fight, you’ll truly be free.

Will you fight?

Let me and my team help you. We have a gathering of true leaders from around the globe coming to Vegas in November. 

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Your life will thank you. Your business will thank you. Your income with thank you; and you and your family will be grateful.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!