Leaders Win the Battle of Attention

You hold your world together with your attention.
When you shift your attention the world you’ve
created collapses and a new world springs forward.

Now I know that the above statement may seem somewhat mystical, but I assure you it’s grounded in science; and consequently, extremely practical.

The esteemed biologist Robert Lanza states what science now proves. 

We live in a “biocentric” universe.

What this means is that if we weren’t here to observe what we think is “out there” there would be no out there out there.

You see the new science is not as strange as you think… it’s stranger than you CAN think.

The Noble Prize-winning physicist Wolfgang Pauli stated, “Physics is the study of consciousness” 

This is NOT a spiritual or new age guru mind you, this is a quantum theorist.

Mind is the matrix of all matter.
All matter is a derivative of consciousness.
~ Max Planck

The movie and book The Secret brought attention to one of the teachings I’d been sharing for at least a decade prior: 

Energy flows where attention goes. 

Maybe you’ve heard that one.

Experience proves that most can state what they think they want (what you want versus what you think you want is an entirely different and complex topic), but they’re unable to hold their attention on it long enough for it to come into fruition.

Consequently, their lack of attention and willpower sells out their potential and their destiny.

Sad really.

Energy flows where attention goes.
To shift your world, you must shift your attention;
and then hold the shift!

We live in an ADHD world today. The attention span of the average individual has been measured to be about 6 seconds.

If attention is the key factor to fruition, which it is according to both physics and biology, then is it any wonder that most leave this lifetime disappointed and under-accomplished?

Everything in today’s world is vying for your attention; and if you’ve been following this series regarding the battles true leaders must fight and win, then you know that most are losing the battle.

Most are miserably losing the battle of focus of attention.

Research proves that the average individual spends 50% of his/her day in distraction:

  1. Voicemail
  2. Text
  3. Skype
  4. Facebook
  5. Instagram
  6. Twitter
  7. LinkedIn
  8. Interruptions
  9. Daydreaming
  10. TV
  11. YouTube
  12. Fantasizing
  13. Phone chats
  14. Chit chats
  15. Personal social media messages
  16. Cat video’s 
  17. Friends family and vacation photo’s
  18. News
  19. Socializing
  20. Procrastinating

Do you see yourself anywhere?

Do you maybe see yourself in a couple of these places?

What are you giving your attention to?

I can ascertain the answer very quickly by one key index:

Your results.

Your results tell an interesting story.
They tell the true story. Irrespective of what you say.

Focusing your attention like a white-hot bead takes tremendous willpower.

Focused Like a Laser

While very few have tremendous will, just like a muscle, the will can be developed.

One of the most productive things, maybe THE MOST productive thing, you can give your attention to is developing your will.

Are you ready?

Is it time to Take Your Power Back and fulfill and live your true purpose and destiny?

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Hope to see you there. 

You’ll thank me when you do.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!