Leaders Understand Power

Leaders Understand Power

True Power is not position, title, agreement or current
state of affairs. True Power is the ability to turn away
from appearances and live from vision.

You are not your current results…

You are not your current state of affairs…

You are not your history…

You are not your story…

What you are is a magnificent being with a tremendous purpose to fulfill in this lifetime.

So, what is Power?

Your Power is your state of awareness and degree of ownership of your true identity, irrespective of what you’ve been conditioned to believe.

If you want to change your results, you must change.

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Your results are a reflection of you.
If you want your results to change you must change.

You see authentic leaders make leading their own life first and foremost.

Authentic leaders don’t ask from others what they won’t ask of themselves.

Authentic leaders realize that their true power is not coming from them, it’s coming through them; and this is not defined by anything external.

It’s ALL defined internally.

Authentic leaders never define themselves by external
circumstances or results. That’s just a reflection of the past.
Authentic leaders define themselves by their
intention, direction, drive and their will to move.

Look, modern physics now proves that there is as much energy in one proton of one atom in every single cell in your body (there are trillions of these cells) as there is in the entire universe.

Read that again and consider the implications to Power.

Recognition and Awareness of this Power is the ability to own, access and utilize this Power.

The problem is that most people in the world are asleep.

You’ve been conditioned that the world exists “out there” and you are separate and apart from it.

The scientific fact is that the entire universe is in you and you are in it. You are in what physics calls a Tangled Hierarchy.

You create it and it creates you in an eternal synergistic and quantum entangled dance.

You’ve been socially hypnotized to believe that the universe
is “out there” and you are separate and apart from it.
The reality is that the universe is “in you” and you ARE it.

Leadership power comes from the realization that all things are one thing; and if you want something to occur in your life you must only realize it’s already here.

I know this sounds mystical but nonetheless it’s scientifically proven.

As example, you want more of something in your life and business. First, realize that nothing is lacking. It’s already here. It is probably just in a different form.

You want more financial abundance for instance. Notice where you’re already abundant (relationships, health, creative ideas).

You want better physical health and fitness. Notice where you’re already healthy and fit (mentally, emotionally, spiritually).

Energy flows where attention goes.

If you place your attention upon what’s not there and what’s not working, you will get the outcome of what’s not there and what’s not working.

As stated previously: you can live from appearances or you can live from vision.

Vision is true Leadership Power.

Awareness is true Leadership Power.

When the vision on the inside becomes more compelling
and powerful than what you observe on the outside,
the universe is at your command.

How do you live and operate?

Vision or appearances?

Awake or asleep?

Your current results are not who you are. Your current results are t
he outcome of your past thoughts, feelings, and actions
—they’re nothing more than who you used to be.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!

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