Leaders Really Think; and Then They Act!

You know who you are; and deep down inside there’s a call within you
to be it and to bring it. Your physical life is only getting shorter.
When would now be the time to listen and follow?

You only have one chance, there is only one way, only one strategy, to guarantee you thrive in this ever-accelerating disruptive market.

You must define or re-define two things:

  1. What it truly means to “thrive.” (not as easy as it may seem at first)
  2. Thinking for yourself; and knowing who you are.

Both of these take Self-Awareness.

More information about Self-Awareness and Self-Love here...

Self-Awareness is the godfather of all true success, authentic happiness and fulfillment.

Self-Awareness is an answer as old as time. It extends all the way back to ancient Greece if not further.

Yet we’re still not listening.

Know thyself; and you shall possess the keys to the universe;
and the secrets of the gods.
~ Ancient Axiom

Knowing yourself takes true thought.

In a world of no-thought to truly think for yourself is rare.

True thought takes stopping the program long enough to recognize the program.

In a world of very little original thought, to think for yourself
makes you a rarity. True thought takes stopping the program
long enough to recognize the program.

Once stopped, it takes discipline and grit to follow through and reprogram.

Robert Kegan from Harvard’s research shows that when a heart patient is told that that he/she must change their behavior, diet, or lifestyle or they will definitely die, only one person in 7 has the ability to follow through on that change.

The Matrix has you plugged in solidly;
and it won’t let go easily. Change is hard.
Change is a battle. That’s why most never do it.
Even those who start, most often never finish.

Look, it might seem simple. It might be easy for you to think, “Well James I know myself.”

To which I ask, “How can you be certain?”

You can disagree if you like, and that’s okay. But again, how can you be so sure?

Why is it that you most probably think a Bentley is a more valuable car than a BMW 7 series for instance?

Why is it that the person who buys the Bentley will pay at least $100K more for it than the person who buys the 7 series?

It’s the same car!

With only a few modifications and accoutrements.

Most people are completely caught in The Matrix.
The think they think, but they really don’t think at all.

When you stop and really begin to think about yourself and your life, if you think clearly (which is not guaranteed), you’ll realize that you’re really thinking for the first time.

Where did you get your beliefs, values, expectations?

Why do you believe that a certain amount of money in the bank or income per year will make you happy?

Even though all the research PROVES just the opposite!

Where did you get the “thought” (it’s a program) that you have a business, a bank account, a husband or wife, or a car?

You’ve been programmed in The Great Lie. That you “have” a house,
a business, a bank account, a spouse and a family.
None of them are “yours.” The only thing that is
truly yours is that which can never be lost or taken.

Where did you learn that you are black or white or American or Asian?

You put any one of us in a good fire and we all end up the exact same way.

You are the by-product of other people’s habitual way of thinking.

Let’s face it.

You’re a program.

Pure and simple.

Now that you know, you have two choices:

  1. Like Cypher in The Matrix you can hear and see the truth and then just plug back in.
  2. Or like Neo, you can choose to face the vast “wasteland of the real” and truly become free. Free to Lead your OWN life.


For you must.

Be a Leader, Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!