Leaders Put First Things First

Leaders Put First Things First

The most important thing we must learn is NOT data, more
technology and information. It’s how to face uncertainty;
and how to continually reinvent ourselves.

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A recent study by Bloomberg found that 70% of the leaders surveyed were “not fit to lead moving into the future.”

There are several reasons:

  1.  They don’t know how to inspire their team.
    Most so-called leaders are glorified managers. They may know finance, processes, SEO, marketing, sales and organization, but they have little to no ability to inspire their team to a grander and greater vision.
  2. They don’t have the people skills needed. More importantly the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Adaptability Quotient (AQ) necessary to act powerfully and quickly.
  3.  The don’t make decisions quickly enough.
  4.  They don’t focus on the WHOLE person. Rather almost solely on traditional ROI.

Bloomberg finds that 70% of the current leadership in today’s business world is
“unfit to lead.” They don’t have the Mental Toughness and Emotional Strength to adapt—and adapt quickly to a disruptive world.

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More and more frequently research is proving that what we used to call “soft- skills” are actually way more important that what we have historically called “hard-skills.”

What we once called “soft-skills” are actually the “hard-skills.”
The internal game always drives the external. Where’s your focus?

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Many have said to me over the years “James, you’re 10 years ahead of your time.”

While this may be a compliment, it’s also a curse. Being “ahead of the curve” means there are vastly less people ready to hear what you have to say.

All the way back to the late 80’s, as a C-Suite Consultant at AT&T School of Business, I was informing all levels of leaders and executives that the so-called “soft-skills” were actually the “hard-skills.”

It mostly fell on deaf ears; and unfortunately, over 20 years later it still primarily does today.

But times are changing, and I keep the faith.

Read here how to make decision based upon where you’re going versus where you are and making a big leap of faith.

People are beginning to wake up—slowly. Keep the faith.
I’m not an optimist, I’m an activist.

Check this out.

In 2019 there was a flip flop in the focus at the business top:

Founded in 1972, the Business Round Table (BRT) is an association of roughly 200 CEOs that lobbies for public policy advantageous to corporations (today’s BRT lineup is headlined by corporate rockstars like Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook, and Jamie Dimon).

In the past, the group has helped to limit consumer protections, prevent labor law reform, reduce corporate taxes, and open-up US markets to foreign investment.

Now, the BRT wants corporations to answer to the team members, customers, vendors and suppliers, it once lobbied against.

Here’s the awakening, straight from the Corporate top:

From the 1997 business plan: “The paramount duty… is to the corporation’s stockholders…”

From the 2019 business plan: “We commit to… delivering value to our customers… investing in our employees… dealing fairly and ethically with our suppliers… supporting the communities in which we work… [and] generating long-term value for shareholders.”

Do you see a shift?

Is that as exciting for you as it is for me?

Do you understand the implications?

A shift in consciousness is occurring. The Business Round Table, an
association of 200 CEO’s that lobby for business policy, stated in 2019 that
they are “committed to providing value, investing in employees, dealing fairly
and ethically, and supporting communities.” In 1997 their focus was solely on
maximizing investment to stockholders.

James Arthur Ray


Maybe it’s time you shift as well.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!



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