Leaders Pray for Redemption

Leaders pray daily for redemption.
The strength and ability to pay the price for their prize.

Redemption: To gain or regain something by paying the price.

What is it that you need to gain?

What is it that you need to regain?

What’s the price that you must pay to achieve your desired outcome?

Biggest question: Are you willing to pay that price?

Unfortunately, most aren’t.

That’s why most lead mediocre lives; and they leave life with tremendous regret.

You’re currently a Leader of your own life.
Whether you’re consciously aware of it or not.
The question is not “Will you lead?”
The question is “How are you leading?”

I’ve told you many times, you’re born and hardwired for greatness. Again, even though this may be totally unconscious for you now, it makes it no less fact.

Yet most lead their own lives not to greatness and mastery. Rather to good-enough and mediocrity.

You were born into greatness.
But you’ve been conditioned into mediocrity.

Developmental psychologists tell us that you were plugged in (and locked in hard), to The Matrix during the years between birth and 13 years of age.

Unfortunately, most never escape The Matrix once plugged in.

Every so often, a rare individual is set-free; and even then, like Cypher in the Matrix Trilogy, they opt to be plugged back in.

In a defining moment of your life,
you only have two choices:
Move forward in faith and power.
Or move backward into fear and comfort.

The fact, is that you are the by-product of other people’s habitual way of thinking.

Your parents, your clergy, your school system, society at large. The list goes on.

Therefore, you’ve sold-out. Unconsciously probably. But you’ve sold your birthright nonetheless.

It’s time to redeem your OWN life!

It’s time to redeem your integrity, your character and your honor.

It’s time to pay the price of redemption.

It’s time to take your power back!

Most lead their lives toward good-enough and mediocrity.
Even though they’re hardwired
with the potential for greatness and mastery.

Redemption is the price of true leadership.

So many in today’s world want the world to change. But they don’t want to change.

Where’s the logic in this?

We want our respective country to be “great.” Yet we’re not personally committed to our own greatness.

We want our results to improve, physically, financially, mentally, spiritually. Yet we’re unwilling to do the work necessary to improve.

In the search for the quick and easy we’ve lost our warrior spirit. We’ve lost our strength, flexibility, stamina and endurance.

In the search for quick and easy
we’ve lost our Warrior Spirit.
Our lifestyles have made us weak.
Don’t wish for success,
wish for the strength to endure!

The Matrix has lulled us into a comfort zone; once true Warrior Leaders, we’ve allowed ourselves to become warriors of the cushy and comfortable.

Don’t pray for success.
Pray for strength!
For strength is what brings success;
and in fact, is success itself.

Leaders get up every single day and pray not for better results and/or things. They pray to be worthy of what they have and for the strength to pay the price for their mission and calling.

Far beyond their own personal comforts and needs.

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This is true Leadership.

This is what must be redeemed.

And when you Take Your Power Back, and redeem your own honor, you transform yourself.

Then possibly you can transform your family and loved ones;

Then maybe you can transform your city; maybe even your state; there’s a chance you can transform your country;

And then eventually transform the world!

It ALL starts with you.

Will you pay the price to WAKE UP and redeem yourself?

Or will you continue to stay plugged in and asleep?

I awoke only to find, that the rest of the world was still asleep.
~ Leonardo da Vinci

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!