Leaders Pay the Price

Leaders Pay the Price

There’s always a price for the prize;
And the bigger the prize, the bigger the price that must be paid.

magnifying glass and calculator

Many want to improve their life and circumstances, but they’re unwilling to improve themselves.

What amateurs fail to realize is that their results grow in direct proportion to how much they grow.

Your results are a reflection of you.
Your results will grow in direct proportion to how much you grow.

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Please make no mistake, change is not that hard.

Yes, it takes consistent focus, commitment and work, but it’s not that complex or difficult.

By comparison, a miserable, wasted, mediocre life of regret is much harder.

Change takes focus, commitment and work. But it’s not that complex or hard.
Living a miserable, wasted and mediocre life of regret is much harder.

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There are really only a few things that must be done to change every area of your life:

1. Decide what you want for your life

2. Decide what you’re willing to sacrifice to get it.

(Getting anything in life requires letting go of something)

Creating anything new means letting go of something old.
What must you let go of to create space for the new to emerge?

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3. Decide the price your willing to pay. (Time, Energy, Money, Focus, Mental Mastery, Emotional Strength)

4. Get to work.

(Moment to moment, day to day. Consistently.)

Growth and improvement do not come from the thinking, reading or studying.
Growth only comes from getting in the arena and doing the work!

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Look, you’re currently working for and on something; and you always will be.

There are no “days off” from development, advancement and growth; and there are no areas of your Life where the work doesn’t apply.

To grow and improve anywhere means you must grow and improve everywhere.

If you only focus on one specific area, the other areas will lag, become dysfunctional, and break the chain of advancement across the board.

Power and Life are wholistic. When you focus on one area to the
detriment of another you become dysfunctional; and you break the
chain of advancement across the board.

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If you take days off from your quest, The Demon of Resistance will win the day.

Growth, advancement and improvement take no days off.
The minute you take a day off, you begin to slide backward.
There’s no staying the same.

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Since you’re going to work, pay the price, and sacrifice anyway, you might as well work, pay the price, and sacrifice for your own Mastery and Greatness.

What separates the individual who pursues true mastery and greatness from those who do not?

The New Leader realizes that leadership is comprehensive and holographic.
When the whole person is not strengthened and improved, the weakest link
anchors you in the past and steals your happiness, fulfillment and potential.

James Arthur Ray

So, are you interested?

Or are you truly committed?

Big difference.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!



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