Leaders Operate From The Goal

Leaders Operate From The Goal

Leaders ask themselves, “What would the person
I’m becoming do in this situation?”
And they act from that point versus where they currently reside.

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In my NYT Bestseller Harmonic Wealth, I introduced a concept called “Living from the Outcome.”

In my 4 decades of business experience, I can assure you that if you don’t get this principle—and more importantly practice it—you’ll fall short of your vast potential.

I also promise it’s difficult to practice. Even when you originated the idea.

But it’s imperative, nonetheless.

Here’s the bottom line:

Your thoughts and feelings must arrive
at the goal before your life ever will.

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Most people that teach and most people I coach practice “Living Toward the Outcome.”

While it’s possibly finally nuanced, there’s a major distinction to ensure you achieve what you desire and deserve.

If you want to know more, notice more.
Success resides in the details.

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Think about this: when you’re living toward an outcome there’s a finely nuanced belief, feeling (and yes, vibration for everything vibrates) that “you’ve not arrived there yet.” Do you follow?

The very fact that you’re moving toward something means you haven’t reached it yet.

On the contrary, when you’re living from the outcome, there’s a very different thought and feeling.

“You’re already there in your heart, mind and soul and you’re just waiting for the slow-moving physical world to catch up.

From the very first day we played together as the Beatles,
we knew we were the best in the world.
We were just waiting for the rest of the world to catch up.
~ John Lennon

the beatles

Here are some practical steps to help you lead and live from your outcome and intention when faced with a life or business decision. Ask yourself:

  1. What would the person I’m becoming think, and feel in this situation?
  2. What would the person I’m becoming do in this situation/decision?
  3. Does making this decision help fulfill my vision/intention?
  4. Would not making this decision hinder the fulfillment of my intention?
  5. If money were no object would I make this decision?

If your answers are something like:

  1. Certain and Confident
  2. Make the decision. Take the Action
  3. Yes
  4. No
  5. Yes

Ask: What would the person I’m becoming do now?
Do it!

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Now it’s time to act. And act boldly. For fate favors the bold.

Did you know that Great Leaders Act, Reward, Forgive and Move! Read it here.

It’s your job to be scared and to do scary things.
If it doesn’t frighten you then rest assured, it’s not potentially great.

James Arthur Ray

Your move.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!


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