Leaders Are Master Mind #2—Everything Is the Same Thing

Leaders Are Master Mind #2—Everything Is the Same Thing

I regard consciousness to be fundamental.
I regard matter as derivative to consciousness.
~ Max Planck (Father of Quantum Physics)


If you ask a scientist what the basic building block of all matter is, she’ll reply something like: positrons and electrons which combine to create the atom.

You may recall from your basic science classes that the atom is the building block of all matter.

But we must go deeper.

Asking the same scientist to go to the fundamental level she’ll state that all the atoms, positrons, electrons, quarks, bozons, even the so called “God Particle” are ultimately comprised of energy.

So, the most basic building block of everything: your house, your car, your money, your body, your business, is comprised of the same thing which is energy.

Energy is everything; and everything is energy.
If you have little energy, you’ll have little to nothing of anything.
Your mind and your energy are your greatest assets.
When you get it, then you’ll get it. Not until.


If you prefer spiritual traditions to science, ask a theologian what comprises everything in this universe and he’ll reply, “God.”

Ask the mystic what creates all things and he’ll likely reply, “Spirit.”

Interestingly, when the physicist, the theologian, and the mystic describe their respective Energy, God, and Spirit, the descriptors are almost identical.

What the physicist calls Energy, the theologian calls God.
The mystic calls Spirit. Choose your label, it matters little.
The principle is constant.

You see, the label does not define the fact. All things come from the same thing.

Because all things are the same thing!

I like to reference all three disciplines; and for the sceptic, I’ll choose physics. For the overly intellectual Western mind has much more difficulty arguing or downplaying scientific fact.

The quantum physicists are the mystics of the 21st century.
Science fact is way more interesting than science fiction.

When you study some of the greatest scientific minds, you’ll find that their quest, taken to the limit, always leads them to God, Spirit, Mysticism.

Bohm, Heisenberg, Einstein, Planck and many others all came to the same conclusion. And I submit for you to even begin scratching the surface of your potential, so must you.

This is our first principle in becoming a true Leader Master Mind of the future.

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There is a thinking substance that permeates and penetrates every corner, nook and cranny of the universe. It permeates every-thing and no-thing.

This thinking substance (God, Consciousness, Spirit) is before anything existed, even prior to the Big Bang; and it will long remain after everything is gone.

We cannot get behind consciousness.
Everything that we talk about, everything we regard
as existing, postulates consciousness.
~ Max Planck

What does this have to do with Leadership for the Future?

Well, let’s see…

Just about EVERYTHING!

Too long have we lived our lives, and built our businesses, from a mindset of exclusion, limitation and lack. Dealing with the effect versus harnessing the cause.

If all things are the same thing (which they are), then how can there be any exclusion?

How can there be any limitation?

Likewise, any lack?

The simple fact is that there can’t be!

To think there’s any limitation or lack is simply simple-minded.

When would NOW be the time to start working on your consciousness as fundamental to your Life and your Business.

Invest more in your mindset than your marketing.
Your psychology and awareness always drive
your strategies and results.

Do you get this?

Most don’t.

Most never will.

Unless and until you do, you’ll never begin to even scratch the surface of your potential.

There’s more…

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!