Leaders Make an Impact and a Difference

Leaders Make an Impact and a Difference

Are you making a difference or are you just making noise?
There’s no value whatsoever in lying to yourself;
and your life and legacy depend on it.

Everyone is vying for attention in today’s world.

“If I can brag enough…

“If I can show enough skin on Instagram…

“If I can shoot the best video…

“If I can rent a plane and sports car, and take a picture in front of it like it’s mine…

“If I can create the right download…

“If I can just get the attention of the masses, then maybe I’ll be wealthy and successful. 

While this is the strategy of the majority, it’s a sure-fire strategy for failure.

Even IF it brings short-term results, it cannot be sustained.

Those who follow the masses get absolutely lost in them.

You see, any success, and any wealth, that doesn’t provide tremendous service and value cannot be sustained.

Leaders understand this principle; and allow the service and value they provide to speak for itself.

Providing service, value, and increase is their primary target.

No wealth, and no success, whether monetary or otherwise,
can sustain itself unless it provides tremendous service,
value, and increase to the world.

Apple is a great example of this principle. While Apple is known for it’s tremendous successes like the IPod and IPhone, it’s had its share of complete failures as well. There’ve been plenty.

Quickly Google the “Hockey Puck Mouse” or the “IPod Hi Fi” for just a couple of examples.

Don’t be afraid to fail.
If I try my best and fail, well, I tried my best.
~ Steve Jobs

The point is that Apple is a tremendous entrepreneurial and leadership success story for Jobs and his team.

Even so, when they put out products that didn’t provide the value and service expected, even their tremendous reputation and cult following could not sustain a faulty product.

Bravado and sensationalism will never
beat value over the long-game.
Focus on service and value.

The leader doesn’t focus on money or profitability or attention.

Not really.

I’m not suggesting that these things aren’t present, of course they are. But they’re the by-product of the fundament value and service upon which true leaders focus.

I’m not here to make friends.
I’m here to make an impact.

The true leader recognizes that he’s here to provide value, service and contribution to the world. 

Envy or Impact

With this focus he builds his legacy.

Where’s your focus?

Are you being seduced by the marketers that tell you you’re in the “attention game”?

Or are you playing the long-game?

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!