Leaders Have Faith

Leaders Have Faith

Faith is substance.

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The definition of substance is:

“The real physical matter of which a person or thing consists; and which has a tangible, solid presence.”

So, what’s suggested above is that faith is real physical matter, tangible and solid.

While this may seem mystical, it’s very practical when properly understood. Leaders understand there’s a metaphysical reason for every physical result.

There’s a metaphysical reason for every physical result.

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Stick with me.

Paper money is physical. But the true value resides in the idea of what that piece of paper is worth not in the paper itself.

An idea is not physical. Do you follow?

A bitcoin on the other hand is pure metaphysical—nothing more than an idea.

So, while faith has no physical tangible form, it has tremendous metaphysical substance in the unified field beyond form.

That’s why I’ve mentioned many times that the Redemptive Leader® (the leader who saves us from evil and error), must be schooled in philosophy, psychology, physics, spirituality, mysticism and much more. Anything less creates a limited view of the universe and world.

So, let’s get back to the idea of faith.

Many religious traditions have propagated what could be called “blind faith.”

Just have it. No particular reason why. Just have it.

The esoteric schools understand that faith without knowledge is childish and lazy.

True faith is not blind. True faith is grounded in experience and knowledge.
You’ve made it through tough times in the past
—why would this time be any different?

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Let’s define the terms “faith” and “knowledge.”

Considering knowledge, there’s false knowledge and true knowledge.

False knowledge is nothing more than organized information. False information is nothing more than categorized data. Data which is categorized around a certain subject or topic.

True knowledge is much more.

Knowledge is nothing more than organized information around a certain topic.
Information is nothing more than categorized data around a certain subject.
Neither have any real power.

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Why is this type of knowledge false?

Because there’s no experience to back it up, so it’s nothing more than a nice thing to “know about.”

“Knowing about” something is very different than true knowledge or knowing.

Read more about the huge difference between knowing about something and truly knowing it here. 

To possess true knowledge, you must take the things you’ve studied and “know about”; and put them into action.

Knowledge without action is a complete waste of space.
Action without wisdom and understanding is a complete waste of time.

James Arthur Ray

Action is the only way you gain experience.

Finally, from your personal experience (not vicarious or something you read in a book or watched on a video), you build the substance upon which to stand and have true faith; and this faith is the substance.

Why? Because you’ve been there done that; and you know what you know.

Redemptive Leaders save themselves and others from evil and error.

If this resonates with you and you’re ready to move forward into your Superhuman Potential; if you’re ready to operate from a higher awareness; then come study with me.

Get busy.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!



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