Leaders Have a Clear Dominating Intention

Most can’t hold their intention long enough for it to take root.
Leaders have patience, perseverance and endurance.

So, we continue the exploration of the battles that true leaders must fight, and win, to make their impact on the world. This is our 5th installment, if you need to catch up go here.

There are two major factors that come into play when creating the results you desire and deserve in both your life and business:

  1. Intention; and 
  2. Attention.

In my experience, it’s in these two simple fundamentals, that a major portion of the problems and shortcomings reside.

It’s not the purpose of this installment to address the attention issue, we’ll do that in a subsequent installment. But what we’ll quickly cover is the battle of clarity.

There are two places I find lack of clarity in most would be leaders;

  1. Powerful Transforming Purpose (PTP)
  2. Intention and Dominant Objective.

Your PTP tells you why you do what you do. Why you’re here. Why you’re willing to sacrifice. Why what you’re doing is vitally important. Why it’s of value to the world.

A Powerful Transforming Purpose
is always more compelling than a goal.

Your Intention or Dominant Objective tells you what you’re going to do to accomplish your PTP. What you’re going to contribute. What you will create. What specific and unique value you’ll provide.

An intention must be clear and measurable; and like the chicken and the egg, you can’t separate your PTP and your intention from each other.

How Long Does It Take To Achieve Your Intention

How clear are you on these two critical components for your life?

How clear are you on these two critical components for your business?

If like most, not very.

Many I coach are the ultimate dabblers. In their pursuit of the almighty dollar, they are constantly jumping from one shiny object and opportunity to the next.

Lacking in perseverance and will, they can’t stay the course and have the patience and perseverance to continue.

The masses are thinking day to day
while Leaders and Masters are thinking 50 years from today.

Are you an instant gratification person or a delayed gratification person?

In all these questions for your contemplation, there’s no value whatsoever in lying to yourself.

You might have heard the old analogy of planting a plant and then digging it up to see if it’s taking root. Good analogy.

It won’t.

Hold the vision.

Keep the faith.

As we discussed last week, leaders possess the ability to stand in the face of no apparent results much longer than the amateur ever will.

For leaders have faith.

NOT the blind faith of the ignorant. The blind faith of “something or someone outside of me is going to save me.”

But the faith in their True Self. The part of them that speaks to them in the stillness and solitude.

Are you listening?

All fear is a lack of faith.

The first step you must take if you haven’t, is to clearly define your OWN UNIQUE PTP both personally and professionally.

Then you must clearly define your Intention and Dominate Objective.

Finally, you must commit fully and completely to holding these, and living these, above and beyond all physical appearances.

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Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!