Leaders Go to Battle

The greatest battle you’ll ever fight is the battle to be unique.
It’s a battle where the entire world will marshal its every force
to keep you stuck and the same. Don’t let the forces win.

Who are you?

What do you want?

Before you answer these questions think and think deeply.

They’re not really that simple to answer unless you’ve already done a considerable amount of work on your own self-awareness.

In this new series we’ll to explore the idea of how a True Leader must go to war.

Now I know this might seem morbid or violent initially, but let’s reframe these ideas right away.

If you read the quote above, you’ll realize that the battle we speak of is an internal battle. 

The battle to be free.

True freedom does not exist in your country, laws, environment,
or ability to do as you please. True freedom exists only in your ability
to choose how to think, feel, and how to experience life.
This can never be taken away. Only given away. Take it back!

Freedom from what?

Freedom from the chains of the Matrix that have held you since the time you were born…

Freedom from the programming of your past…

Freedom from the life that your parents built (even IF you think that’s a pretty good life. You’re more than that)…

Freedom to know with absolute clarity who you are…

Freedom to have the clarity regarding why you’re here; and the purpose and mission you must fulfill… 

Freedom from socialized mind…

Freedom from materialistic conditioning…

Freedom from the demon of “I can’t,” “thou shalt not,” and “I’m not good enough.”

Freedom to define and walk your own unique path, irrespective of the good opinions or “likes/dislikes” of others.

These things and others are the only true freedom.

And they must be fought for and earned. 

You’ve probably heard that “freedom is not free.”

The greatest freedom is not the external ability to come and go and do.
The greatest freedom is the ability to control your thoughts
and experiences no matter what life and business bring.
This is true Leadership. This is true Power. This is the ONLY freedom!

The ability to truly lead your own life, and to step fully into your own power, is a battle. 

It’s a daily war that we all must fight and there’s no guarantee of the outcome.

The Warrior and Leader does not go
to battle knowing everything that will occur.
He goes to battle prepared to do whatever it takes.

For this series, I’ve defined 12 battles you must be willing to fight. 

They may or may not be all inclusive. 

Rest assured that these battles must be fought for your own personal independence and freedom.

And the battle never ends.

The biggest resistance we have to our own greatness is not external.
The supreme resistance to our own greatness is internal.

Will you fight the good fight?

Once again, there are very few guarantees in life. But the one guarantee that does exist, is knowing that while life may throw its hardest punches and hits at you—you refused to give up.

This is the greatest of victories.

This is the greatest of freedoms. 

This is a meaningful and fulfilling life.

The forces of resistance must give way
to those who just keep coming and refuse to give up!

Battle on!

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The world needs more leaders willing to fight for cause and calling beyond their own personal preferences and needs.

We’ll explore the 1st of 12 battles in our next installment.

Will you fight?

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!