Leaders are Forged in Fire

Leaders are Forged in Fire

We grow the most in the crucible of challenge.

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If you’ve ever studied Alchemy you know that one of the primary elements of transformation is the element of fire.

Fire burns, destroys, transforms, and purifies.

In the mysteries, the “Philosophers Stone” is a metaphor for developing greater enlightenment and awareness.

It’s always found in a pile of dung.

In the East the Lotus symbolizes awakening; and this flower grows in mud.

What are these ancient traditions attempting to convey to us?

They’re telling us that it’s in the furnace and fire that steel is forged.

It’s in the furnace and fire that steel is forged.

man holding shovel facing a furnace

And rightfully so.

I was touring wine country a few years back and the owner of the winery was describing how they purposefully stressed the grapes:

  • Overexposing them to the sun…
  • Underwatering them…
  • Under weeding them in some cases.

When I asked why he replied, “The grape which can withstand the greatest amount of stress becomes the finest and most expensive wine.”

A diamond is nothing more than a lump of coal
That’s withstood tremendous pressure.


Leaders understand that scars are a symbol of your strength. I have plenty of scars.

How about you?

Read here to know more about how a True Leader must go to war and get ready for battle!

You don’t grow the most drinking the fine wine, smelling roses and sweet perfume. I truly often wish I could tell you otherwise.

The grape which can withstand the greatest amount of stress
becomes the finest and most expensive wine.

hands holding grapes

The fact, is that you grow the most in the crucible of challenge.

I’ve been there; and as stated, have plenty of scars to prove it.

Choose a leader, become a leader, with plenty of scars.
For your scars are a symbol of your strength!

lion with scars on it's face

In 2013 I was 54 years old, standing alone in the middle of a desert in Arizona, in horrible physical health and condition having lost nearly 40 pounds I didn’t want or need to lose, I was homeless, broken, disillusioned, and $20M dollars in debt!

Talk about challenge and fire!

Here’s where I made a decision that boggles most minds.

I immediately borrowed $2,000 from my mom to invest in a learning experience that I knew would help me get my head screwed back on correctly.

Run from what’s comfortable. Forget safety.
Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be Notorious.
I have tried prudent planning long enough. From now on I’ll be mad.
~ Rumi

James Arthur Ray

Believe me, I needed to get my head screwed back on.

It worked.

Here I am just a few years later in a complete 180—in a modest and yet very nice home, out of debt, in maybe better health and fitness than I was in my 20’s, and no longer alone, I’m married to the woman I envisioned for nearly 30 years.

And it’s all because of the fire and challenge, I’m a bigger man, stronger, wiser, more humble, kind and grateful than I’ve ever been previously.

But this is not about me, it’s about you; and what you’re capable of doing as well,

Given the right psychology and strategies you too can step into your full Superhuman Capacity.

It’s time for your Redemption.

It’s time to Take Your Power Back!


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