Leaders Embrace Chaos

Leaders Embrace Chaos

In all chaos there is a cosmos. In all disorder a secret order.
~ Carl Jung

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Chaos theory proves that every single situation that appears chaotic, is actually in a high degree of order.

Without getting deep into quantum physics, suffice to say that there is never not chaos; and there is never not order.

Not in the third dimension anyway.

All chaos and all order are nothing more than
a reflection of your particular point of perception.

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Though the “Observer Effect” you choose which to observe.

The way the amateur and the unaware tend to define order is “Everything in its perfect place like I think it should be.”

But on a humorous (actually frightening) note, think about how much chaos would exist if everything was as it should be according to everybody?

“I don’t teach my students to pray. Because my student are
not awake enough to know what to pray for.”

~ Gautama Buddha

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There’s a higher degree of order at play than your personal will.

Thank God!

The leader sees and creates his own order out of apparent chaos. For he knows that in apparent chaos the greatest power and potential reside.

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The greatest power and potential exist not in order.
The greatest power and potential exist in apparent chaos.

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Things we tend to define as “orderly” are static.
And things we tend to define as “chaotic” are dynamic.

Consider, which one has the most energy and velocity?

Things we tend to define as “orderly” are static.
And things we tend to define as “chaotic” are dynamic.
Which one has the most energy and velocity?

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Take your smart phone for example. Pretty static and orderly in its physical form, right?

Now, place it on a spinning device capable of infinite speed.

As it spins and speeds up to a certain level, you’ll hear a low hum. Now your smart phone is producing music and you’re not even playing Pandora!

As it continues to increase in speed, it goes to higher and higher pitches of music until all the notes on the scale are reproduced.

But let’s continue to speed it up. Suddenly approaching higher velocity, it begins to generate heat and glow red.

So now your smart phone is creating colors, right? And temperature as well.

Continuing to speed up, it will go from red to orange to yellow to green to blue to magenta and all the colors of the rainbow.

We could continue increasing speed to produce radio waves, microwaves, ultraviolet waves, and all the way up to gamma waves and beyond.

So, here’s the important question for the aspiring leader: Did the smart phone really CREATE this music, color, temperature and wave patterns?

Or were they there all the time just trapped in apparent “order”?

I know this is way too deep for a quick blog, but what can I say? Hopefully, it stretches your mind as the implications are vast.

I’m always here to coach and help you when you’re ready.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!


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