Leaders Create from Space

Leaders Create from Space

It’s the space between the notes that creates the music.
From the silence are all things born.

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I know this might be a perplexing subject and that’s great. It grabbed your attention—now I pray you’ll continue reading.

The most recent scientific research tells us that “space creates form.”

And we’ve known this for quite a long time:

“The field is the sole governing agent of matter” ~ Albert Einstein

If you know me, I love science and esoteric ways of thinking. Let’s bring it down a notch and make it a bit more accessible for most.

The field is the sole governing agent of matter.
~ Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

Think about this: Musical recordings have a few seconds between songs.

Every note in a song is defined by the brief pause (no matter how small) between it and the next note.

Paintings have a frame separating them from other things. In the separation and space of the frame is the picture defined.

Finally, a movie has 24 frames per second each with space in between.

The creation of your life, business, happiness, fulfillment, and purpose come out of the spaces between the current manifestation and action.

Creation of your life, business, fulfillment, and purpose come
out of the spaces in between what currently exists.

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The greatest challenge for most of us is that we’re so busy being busy that we don’t allow enough time for the creative space.

I’ve been personally guilty of this, more times than I can count. How about you?

If you’ve followed my teaching over the last 10 years or longer, you know me to be an advocate for Warriors and Leaders.

The greatest challenge for most of us is that we’re so busy being
busy that we don’t allow enough time for the creative space.

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I still am, and through my own learning and waking up, I’ve realized that if you run at Mach10 non-stop, you make mistakes (I’ve made plenty), and you burn out and break (I’ve done that many times).

I’ve come to realize this behavior in me which I thought was grounded in commitment, purpose and passion, was actually grounded in fear and self-doubt about not fulfilling my purpose.

Many people want to find and live their purpose. Do you know your purpose in life?

I turned over a new leaf this year to find myself much happier, fulfilled, creative and fulfilled; and I’d love to help you do the same.


Here are a few things I do to ensure that I create space; and not only do fulfilling and productive work, but also live a fulfilling and loving life:

  1. Schedule your day (particularly your morning) tightly. Get up and started early but not so early that your body doesn’t get the rest it needs. You’ll know. There’s no value in lying to yourself.
  2. Master your morning. Your morning sets the tone for the entire day
  3. Have a “Prime Objective Practice”. This is my term for taking care of yourself first, so you’re equipped to take care of your work and others. The early morning is yours. The rest is for your masterful work.
  4. Meditate or practice mindfulness every morning during Prime Objective for at least10-20 minutes in the space (silence). You’ll find some of your most creative ideas and thoughts come from this silence.
  5. Work full-on uninterrupted for 5 hours in 90-minute sprints, with a stretch break every 90 minutes. When these 5 hours are up, stop. If you’ve been super focused and in flow, you won’t be able to hold it longer than that.
  6. Take 3 days off per week. If I do anything on Friday-Sunday workwise, it’s minimal necessary, maybe a few administrative details but with plenty of time to get out and workout, be in nature, be active, invest time with my wife.

Schedule your day. Master your morning for it sets
the tone for the entire day. The morning is for you.
The rest of the day is for others and your masterful work.

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This practice took a HUGE shift of consciousness for a long-time Warrior and Leader like me, but in the little over a month I’ve been doing this now, I feel it; and my work has improved as has my inspiration, creativity, and commitment.

At the end of the day, you’re ultimately here to grow; and when you have blocks and barriers, you’ll find yourself stagnated and stalled like I was.

Ultimately the only reason you’re here is to learn, love, live and grow.

James Arthur Ray

Like me, there’s a reason (most probably unconscious) that’s holding you hostage and stealing your lifeforce.

You only have one life, make the most important thing the most important.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!


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