Leaders Change the Conversation

Leaders Change the Conversation

Leaders change the conversation. We must move from Money to Meaning.
Economy to Ecology. Acquisition to Contribution.

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The new Leader changes the conversation.

Look, the fact you’re still here alive and on this planet means you have something to accomplish and contribute.

Anything that doesn’t provide value in this Universe quickly becomes extinct.

If you want to make more headway in the
world focus on providing more value.

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To live a life of value, and to live and leave your legacy, you must change the conversation; and the first conversation you must change is in your own mind.

You can’t change the collective conversation
until you change your own internal conversation.

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We have been economically successful in our world for centuries now, and yet suicide is at an all-time high (particularly among younger generations).

Every 40 seconds someone commits suicide. That’s 3,000 people per day.

6 people die every single day in America from alcohol abuse.

115 people per day die from pain killer abuse.

16.2 million people report they’re depressed.

43% of people surveyed are “too exhausted to perform in their daily work.’’

Something is obviously not working.

Leaders are grateful for what has brought them to where they are;
and they realize that the same things that got them
there will not take them further.

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Authentic leaders are changing the conversation. How do we go about that change?

  • We must move from money to MEANING…
  • We must move from economy to ECOLOGY…
  • From collecting to GIVING…
  • Coming out of acquiring to CONTRIBUTING…
  • From only disruption to CONNECTION.
  • From solely profit to PURPOSE…

Take it from the voice of experience.

The only things that have true value
are those things that can never be lost or taken.

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What you’re most probably chasing will not satisfy.

Like drinking salt-water… the more you drink the THIRSTIER you become.

That thirst CANNOT be quenched.

More is not necessarily better.
Actually, sometimes less is more.

James Arthur Ray

Isn’t it time to remember what you’ve forgotten to remember regarding what’s truly of value in life?

What do you value that drives your life? Read more about it here.

When would now be the time?

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!


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