Authentic Leaders are Built in Tough Times

Authentic Leaders are Built in Tough Times

You learn and grow the most in the crucible of challenge.

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Let’s face it, these are tough times—possibly the toughest. But tough times build tough people; and leaders are strengthened and purified by fire.

So many individuals who consult me are hoping for current situations and circumstances to “hurry up and get over with so things can get back to normal.”

While I wish I had different news, but it’s pretty clear that things are not going back to “normal.” Not now. Not ever.

What do you do in tough times?

Show me who you are in your darkest hour;
and I’ll show you who you are.

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Tough times show you who you are and what you’re really made of.

Tough times separate mere theory from experience.

Countless individuals are spouting theory when times are good:

  1. Be positive and focused…
  2. Be loving and kind…
  3. Your challenges serve you…
  4. The universe has your back…
  5. Love is all there is.

But it’s easy to talk when things are sailing smoothly. It’s easy to be positive when life and business are dealing you a winning hand.

But how “positive” are you when things just positively suck?

That’s when theory gets separated from application and experience.

So many in today’s world are great book readers but they’ve not yet lived and experienced long enough, and hard enough, to be a great beast-beater.

Your scars are a symbol of your strength

Many prove themselves to be great book readers.
But few are great beast-beaters.
Book readers are schooled in theory.
Beast-beaters have earned their lessons and scars in experience.

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If you know me, and have read my book, The Business of Redemption, then you know that I’ve earned my scars in the battle ground of life. Life in the arena is vastly different than life in a textbook.

Those who rely on books for their knowledge
may appear to know a lot, but they know very little.
They have no real knowledge and have the conceit of knowledge.
~ Socrates

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Leaders are not born they’re built; and the greatest of leaders are built in the most difficult times.

Read Here: Effort and difficulty make you stronger, smarter and more resourceful.

Leaders are not born they’re built; and they’re built in the most difficult times.
Your scars are a symbol of your strength.

James Arthur Ray

This is your chance.

Life is affording you a tremendous opportunity.

How are you using it?

No, it’s not easy. Nor is it supposed to be easy.

But it might just be the most meaningful and life transforming time of your entire existence.

Take advantage of it. For life is short; and this might be your best chance ever to become who you’re here to become.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!


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