Leaders Battle for Self-Awareness and Courage

The greatest mastery you’ll ever possess is mastery of yourself.

We started a series last week exploring the battles true leaders must fight to possess and maintain their freedom.

If you’ve read me for any amount of time, you’re familiar with the stats regarding the lack of happiness, fulfillment and even the rising suicide rate in our world.

I submit that this growing crisis is rooted in a severe lack of meaning in our world; and this lack of meaning is rooted in a severe lack of self-awareness.

Most want to tell me what they want.
Most want to set and achieve goals.
But the problem is you can’t effectively
do this until you know who you are.

In this age of the entrepreneur, self-awareness is job #1.

And gaining true self-awareness is a battle!


Most are slaves to their social conditioning and the programming placed upon them from environmental influences during their formative years.

The masses have very little freedom; and are carried along obedient to their environment; the wills and desires of others stronger than themselves, the effects of inherited and programmed tendencies; the suggestions and opinions of those around them; and other external “causes” which tend to move them around the chessboard like a pawn versus a true King or Queen.

It’s time to Take Your Power Back!

Think! How can you be completely sure what your true likes and desires are?

Quick assessment:

  1. Do you know EXACTLY who you are (not what you do or what you have)? 
  2. Do you know your SPECIFIC purpose in this life?
  3. Do you give your entire LIFE to your Powerful Transforming Purpose (PTP) whether you make any money, receive any accolades or recognition at all?
  4. Do you like what you like (house, car, accoutrements) based on your OWN values and desires? 
  5. Why specifically do you like what you like? 
  6. Are these desires and intentions YOURS, or things you’ve been programmed and conditioned to desire? 
  7. On ANY of the above to which you answered “yes,” are you ABSOLUTELY certain and clear? Beyond doubt?

There’s no value whatsoever in lying to yourself.

Self-Awareness is a battle; and it requires you release
yourself completely from the chains of The Matrix.
You must see yourself and the world clearly.

I’m sure it makes sense to you that to be a lasting leader, and to have lasting impact, you must first lead your own life successfully and powerfully.

I work with a myriad of 6,7, and 8 figure income earners who obviously make good money… and they’re absolutely miserable.

Money without meaning is miserable.
Success without fulfillment is not success at all.

NOW, these very successful business people must go to battle. And they’re having to battle now, and backpedal now, specifically because they didn’t do the most important work first.

The most important battle you can fight,
and win, is the battle over the small self.
Take Your Power Back!

A life and business built upon the wrong foundation will most likely not stand; and even if it does it certainly won’t satisfy.

If anything steals your peace and fulfillment, the price is just too high.

Let me ask you: What has to happen for you to fight the fight of freedom?

The battle to think, walk, and talk in your own unique way is the greatest battle you’ll ever fight. 

But it’s SO extremely rewarding.

Will you fight?

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!