Leaders Battle and Beat Distraction

We live in a time of devastating distraction.
Focus is a battle that true leaders and world changers must fight and win.

Distraction is a beast.

Distraction steals dreams.

Distraction is a battle that we all must fight daily.

It’s a formidable opponent.

Amateurs lose the battle; and thereby lose their impact and their dreams.

Focus or Distraction?

Leaders win the battle over distraction; and thereby change the world.

Vision without focus is a waste of mental capability and space.

The most recent statistics tell us that the average individual spends 50% of his day in distraction. After using up 51% of his life sleeping, prepping, and eating, that leaves little of the leftover 49% of most people’s entire life for producing.

It leaves little time for even living!

Contrary to what many may think or do, sleeping is not living.
In fact, it’s very often an escape mechanism from life.

The 6 leftover hours, after sleeping, eating and prepping, divided in half for distraction, leaves 3 hours for building the life of your dreams. 

Then most take the entire weekend off.

Is it any wonder that so many leave their life with a tremendous amount of regret?

Most lose the battle of life and leadership to the tyranny of the urgent.
The most important things in life are usually not that urgent.
Not yet anyway.

One of the greatest battles that leaders fight is the battle with distraction.

Particularly in today’s world.

It’s been estimated that we’re exposed to over 600,000 words per day.

The average kid living in the Serengeti with a smart phone, has access to more information than Bill Clinton had when he was president of the United States in 2001!

Whoever stated, “information is power” or even that “knowledge is power,” got it extremely wrong.

Information is nothing more than organized data.
Knowledge is nothing more than categorized information.
Neither is power; and to think they are, is the need to think again.

Technology is here to serve you, not for you to serve it.

Technology is incredible; and I use it to the fullest. Both in my business and in my life.

The technological breakthroughs in health for instance, are impacting the quality of life beyond what words can even describe.

Yet, I’ve also fallen prey to the dopamine hit of my social media responses. I had to take my focus, and my time, and my power back.

There’s nothing wrong with the tools. Contrarily, there are many things that are amazingly right. But when you become a tool of the tool, then you’re getting it all wrong; and the tools steal your dreams and your potential.

Shut your door.

Turn off your phone.

Answer emails only at set times of the day.

Check text messages the same way.

Have a regular routine and stick to it.

Your life and your destiny depend on it.

Beat the beast of distraction; and win the war of life.

When you beat the beast of distraction
you can win the war of a meaningful and impactful life.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!