True Leaders Are Selfless

There is no greater drive for a leader
than giving your all for something meaningful;
something that contributes; and leaving a lasting legacy.

Let me tell you something I know about true leaders in both life and business.

  1. They don’t do what they do just for the money. No exceptions.
  2. They don’t do what they do for the applause or attention. That doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate it, but that’s not why they do it.
  3. They don’t do it to become famous. Actually for many (including me), fame is a bitch.

A leader is best when people barely know he exists,
when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say:
we did it ourselves.
~ Lao Tzu

The reason a true leader does what they do is because:

  1. They care deeply.
  2. They want to contribute and provide value.
  3. They want to leave a legacy.

I know for me, my life has been challenging to say the least. Business is often even more challenging.

Life can often be tough.
Business can be tougher.
Get stronger, more self-aware, more wise.

If it were not for purpose; and my deep drive to make a positive impact; and leave a legacy of contribution behind, I would have cashed in my chips long ago.

If it were not for clarity of purpose;
and a deep drive to make a positive impact
and leave a legacy of contribution,
I would have cashed in my chips long ago.

Leaders never ask anyone else to do something they won’t do, or that they haven’t done, themselves.

True leadership is not what you study, it’s what you do; and the experience you have!

This is a huge distinction in today’s world of “I read a book, or went to a 3 day workshop, or took an online course, and now I’m an expert.”

True leadership is about service.

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Service to clients who pay for your services and the value you provide;

Service to the team members as well who help you provide that value.

The true leader always leads the charge.

True leaders take all the blame when things go wrong;
and give away all the praise when things go right.

Compare the Spartan King Leonidas or Alexander the Great to other leaders who stay back and are not leading into battle.

Yes, there are times for the Leader of the Future to allow his team to lead the charge, but he’s never disengaged. Far from it.

He’s fully engaged; and just fulfilling a different and even more critical position necessary to win the race.

He or she is willingly partaking in the supreme sacrifice.

The subjugating of their small personal ego needs and comforts for something much larger than themselves.

This is the true selflessness that we’re discussing.

The supreme leadership sacrifice is
subjugating your small personal comforts
and needs to contribute
to something much larger than yourself.

Research conducted and published by Fortune Magazine years ago revealed that the wealthiest most successful people on the planet, including Buffet, Gates, Winfrey and others are not involved in their business for the money.

My personal experiences prove this as well. When I judged the Miss America in 2008, I had dinner with Sheldon Adelson. Sheldon is one of the top 10 richest people in the world worth over $34.6 billion.

That’s over 4X more than Donald Trump and Richard Branson combined!

When I asked him the secret to success, not once did he mention money in any way shape or fashion. His answers centered on purpose and work ethic.

Leadership for the Future is selfless.
The true leader does not ask what I can get.
He asks what can I give?

Three questions of a great leadership:

  1. What are my unique gifts?
  2. What purpose am I here to fulfill?
  3. How can I provide tremendous value in a way that no one else does?

Be selfless.

Give yourself fully and completely to a calling and cause. Even when it’s hard and uncomfortable.

Be a true leader.

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic!